Adele: “I’m common as muck”

British singing sensation Adele has revealed that she tells Americans she’s common as muck but would love a night out with Prince Harry.

The 23-year-old international star – who is having ongoing problems with her voice and even cancelled her recent US tour at the last-minute – still sees herself as a working class girl from Tottenham, north London.

“American people think I am posh even though I am really not. They think I have a very British accent, as in: ‘Do you know the Queen?’

“I just laugh at them. In England I am thought of as common as muck.”

Adele then went on to say that she would like to know a couple of the royal family.

“I’d like to know a couple of the royals, though. I’d love a night out with Prince Harry, he seems like a right laugh. I love Kate Middleton, she’s brilliant. And I love William.”