Jessie J has her sights set on Rihanna

We only just posted about Cheryl Cole having a huge girl crush on Rihanna, and now Jessie J also admitted that she wouldn’t mind getting it on with the Bajan singer.

During an interview with Fabulous magazine, Jessie said: “I don’t have a boyfriend. I’ve got a crush on Rihanna. And Tyson Beckford – I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

“And I’m slightly obsessed with Katy Perry. I’m so gutted I won’t be singing I Kissed a Girl with her on tour.”

Last night, was the first night of Jessie J’s Heartbeat tour and the singer said it was an “amazing show”, but her foot is still healing from surgery this summer and it seems her energetic performance has take its toll already.

“My foot is angry at me. May have to take it easier tomorrow night. Boot on. f*cking worthit though :D amazing show!!!,” she tweeted.