McFly’s Harry gets first 10 of the series!

McFly drummer, Harry Judd, was the first contestant to receive a score of ten from a judge during Strictly Come Dancing.

Dancing the Waltz with his partner, Aliona Vilani, Harry looked serious as he glided across the floor with his glamorous partner and received huge applause from the audience throughout his performance.

The stars comments started off negatively as head judge Len Goodman told Harry that he was “distraught.”

“The first half was great but then you messed it up,” he said.

However he was on his own with his opinion as Alesha told him she thought it was “exquisite” and gave the highest score of the to the young star which contributed to their total number of 35.

Well done Harry! But do his bandmembers think Harry deserves the 10 he received aswell?

Apparently not, because McFly stars Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter have put money on other celebrities to win the title.

Tom told the Daily Star Sunday: “Dougie’s got money on Jason Donovan and my money is on Holly Valance.

“It’s a win win situation for us – either our mate wins or, the way things are going, we win our bet.”

And Dougie added: “He doesn’t mind we’ve bet on other people to win – we told him and he’s fine with it. We might as well make some money!”

Harry’s bandmates also revealed he has had to pull out of group commitments to compete on the hit BBC1 series, which beat X Factor in the ratings last weekend when the shows went head to head.

Tom admitted: “We had a session of writing for the new album last weekend and Harry had to miss it.

“But we’re not rushing it so we’re happy to wait for him to finish on the show before we start recording.

“It’s good for us all to do our own thing and then come back to being in the group.”

Harry has admitted putting in extra hours in rehearsals in a bid to win. And Tom says that’s no surprise.

He revealed: “He’s one of those people who can put his mind to something and do really well at it. We had no idea he was a good dancer – it’s suddenly happened. He only used to dance when he was drunk.”

Dougie added: “He wants to do well so he’ll listen to criticism.”