My Chemical Romance’s Mikey Way isn’t a fan of fan fiction

Mikey Way has vowed to never read fan fiction again.

When asked by NME if he’d ever read any, the My Chemical Romance bassist said, “I’ve only read one and it was vile.

“I vowed to never look at another again. They always tell a story but there always needs to be that eroticism.”

Gerard Way also pointed out that it’s always about incest and f*cking which we’d say is fairly accurate.

Frontman Gerard also spoke about the reason he chose to dye his hair red – because he didn’t want to “conform to 30- something rock culture.”

He added, “I wanted to get back to where I was as a kid in high school and art school, when I was discovering things and rebelling against things. (And I thought) We won’t get put on certain magazine covers because now we don’t confirm to a certain idea of ‘handsomeness'”