Peaches Geldof caught stealing £70 worth of make-up?

Peaches Geldof may have forgotten that she’s the daughter of a multi millionaire as she allegedly tried to steal £70 worth of make-up from Boots last week.

Apparently Peaches was caught red-handed nicking slap-on such as foundation, mascara and eyeliner.

According to The Mirror, plain clothes store detective caught Peaches loading her jacket up with pricey make-up and immediately took her to a back room where she was forced to hand over her haul.

Boots decided not to involve the police in the incident and Peaches eventually walked away scott free. A witness at the scene said that Peaches wasn’t in any way embarrassed or apologetic when she was caught.

This isn’t the first time Geldof has been accused of shoplifting either, apparently she’s been at the centre of four other incidents however this is the first time she’s actually been caught in the act, so to speak.