Stars dress up for Halloween – Scary vs Slutty!

Adam Lambert's photo Happy Halloween Adam Lambert on WhoSay

Our favourite celebrities are getting into the Halloween spirit with some pretty awesome costumes.

We’re loving Adam Lambert’s super scary, yet stylish ensemble. Credit where it’s due, he really put the effort in – but doesn’t he always?

We also love Glee star Matthew Morrison’s Roger Rabbit. Click here for a photo.

Of course, being chicks, we’re fascinated by what the lady celebs are wearing and a special mention has to go to Nicole Richie, who called for an end to women wearing slutty outfits on Halloween.

“Girls, can we all pledge that we will not dress slutty for this Halloween? The jig is up!” she posted to her Facebook.

So who did she attend Kate Hudsons party dressed as? Only Jennifer Lopez! Complete with pink tracksuit, big earrings, glowing tan and Louis Vuitton handbag. Click here for a photo.

The we have Gwen Stefani, who looked absolutely stunning as Cinderella – and also attended Kate Hudson’s party. Gwen clearly got the memo about covering up, her dress was beautiful. Click here for a photo.

The award for the freakiest, most unexpected, and scariest costume goes to Heidi Klum. The Project Runway host held a party in Las Vegas and dressed as a… person without skin?

“This is my thirteenth Halloween party this year and I wanted something different,” she told reporters on the red carpet. “I was thinking how it would look if I had all my skin ripped off, and so…voila!”

Click here to see a photo of Heidi’s costume.

Cameron Diaz reportedly attended a friend’s do as a stripper – and while you’d think that would involve flashing a lot of flesh, Cameron actually looked quite nice in her outfit, which you can see here.

Kim Kardashian pulled out all the stops, dressing up as Poison Ivy Midori Green Halloween do in NY. A for effort Kim! Click here for a photo.

The best costume collaboration has got to go to Jennifer Love Hewitt and her boyfriend Jarod Einsohn (who also attended Kate Hudson’s party, God we wish we were there), who dressed up as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, complete with SIX dolls. Click here for a photo.

We want to now about your Halloween costumes! Leave us a comment.