TOWIE’s Sam Faiers beaten up and left for dead

Sam Faiers was savagely attacked by a gang of ten girls, who despite her pleas for them to stop, only ran away after they thought they had killed her.

The trouble started a night earlier when Sam’s sister, Billie had her £2,500 Mulberry handbag stolen during a night out in London.

The bag contained cash and her mobile phone and once she realised it had been taken she complained to bouncers who quickly removed the culprits from the nightclub.

However, unbeknownst to Billie the girls that stole the bag were waiting outside for her to leave the venue and she was set upon.

Luckily after a minor scuffle, which involved lots hair pulling and name calling, Billie managed to escape in a taxi.

So where does Sam come into this? Well Billie’s sister, Sam received a phone call from the thieves offering to meet up and return her sister’s belongings so Sam arranged to meet them in Repton Park in Chigwell, which is where she was set upon and left for dead – shocking! There really are some vile people in this world.

Thankfully Sam wasn’t alone and her friend, who was also attacked, managed to take her to hospital where she has spent the night recovering.