Twilight’s Anna Kendrick thinks fame is like a prison

Anna Kendrick thinks full-on mega-fame is like a prison.

The Twilight star recently spoke about life in the spotlight.

“After we shot the first Twilight, we organized our own wrap party. We really didn’t know what this was going to be,” she said. “Something like that can come at you unexpectedly, and you just have to try your best to deal with it.”

In an interview with EW, Anna took her hat off to the likes of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who have to deal with mega-fame on a daily basis.

“More power to the people who deal with that kind of stuff and still say sane,” she said.

Anna continued, “I feel really, really, genuinely fortunate not to have to deal with that right now. It’s like a prison. It’s a really nice prison, but so what? You still can’t leave your home. I feel happy that that’s not my reality right now.”