X Factor vs American Idol – where does talent come from?

We want to know which country boasts the most talent found through TV talent shows.

We all love having a giggle at the talentless so-and-sos who pop up in the early stages but by the time we get to the live shows we have a group of hit-and-miss artists ranging from the forgettable to the unforgettable.

With every series of shows like the X Factor and American Idol we usually find one or two amazing artists – but who produces the most talented, the UK or the US?

A few of our favourites are as follows:

X Factor UK – Easily our favourite, the sweet, sexy Olly Murs! We also like Aiden Grimshaw, JLS, Leona Lewis and One Direction.

American Idol – Our number one US TV talent show star has got to be the incredible Adam Lambert! We also like Idol queen Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry.

There’s only one thing for it – a poll! Vote below.