Yey! Bowling For Soup cover Stacy’s Mom

Jaret ReddickPhoto: James Genchi / Flecking Records

Bowling For Soup have recorded a cover of Stacy’s Mom as part of their new three-track single.

The hit Fountains Of Wayne track is being released with I’ve Never Done Anything Like This and a new version of BFS hit The Bitch Song.

Speaking about their new music, front-man Jaret Reddick told us, “Our new single just came out. It is a song off Fishin’ For Woos called I’ve Never Done Anything Like This, featuring Kay Hanley on vocals.

“The fun stuff is the additional tracks! We redid The Bitch Song and finally released a cover of Stacy’s Mom – seeing as how everyone thought we did it anyway!”

It’s a brilliant cover from a brilliant band. Click here to download the track from Amazon.