Amy Winehouse’s dad talks hearing her new album

Amy Winehouse’s dad has spoke about what it was like to hear his late daughters new album for the first time.

Mitch Winehouse says it was difficult and emotional to hear.

“The estate, which I’m a part of — my ex-wife and I — we could decide to put it out or not put it out, and when we went to listen to the album it was a very difficult time for us,” he said.

“It was very emotional. But we had to sit through it and after the first couple of songs we sort of calmed down a little bit.

“Our son was there as well and we all had to be in agreement that the album was of the same quality or better, in fact, than Frank and Back To Black, and we were more than pleasantly surprised.

“Listening to her sing — we had to with the album, we had to make sure it was OK, we had to do that but, you know, that’s difficult too.”