Death of Amy Winehouse shocked you this year

Next up in our Of The Year Awards, we can reveal that the news that shocked you the most this year was… the death of Amy Winehouse.

To celebrate 2011 coming to an end, we want to celebrate the best of the best from the worlds of music, film, TV, style and more. You guys nominated your favourites, then you voted and now we have your winners ready to announce.

In true December spirit, we’ll be announcing one winner per day in the run up to Christmas. Today: Shocking news of the year.

It was the death of Amy Winehouse that shocked you guys the most. The singer passed away on the 23rd July – news that shocked fans all over the world!

You guys were also shocked by the death of Apple legend Steve Jobs, followed by the phone hacking scandal which saw the end of the News Of The World.

We’ll be revealing another winner tomorrow!

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