Does Justin Bieber believe in Santa?

Justin Bieber doesn’t believe in Santa Claus.

The teen singer says his mum told him at an early age that there was no St Nick – how depressing!

“My mom always told me there wasn’t a Santa,” Bieber said.

“This was her logic: She thought if I grew up knowing about Santa then finding out he wasn’t real, that it would be like she was lying to me. And then when she told me about God, I maybe wouldn’t believe her.

“We played a game on Christmas Day where everyone brought a girl gift and a boy gift. You roll the dice and if you get doubles, you get to pick a present and if you don’t, it’s the next person’s turn. Then, the next time you roll doubles you get to choose someone else’s present and switch.

“One time I really wanted a Game Boy but I ended up with pots and pans, which was disappointing. I think I gave them to my mom.

“To be honest, I really don’t have any Christmas wishes this year… I just wish to be happy and that everyone be healthy in my family.

“And I wish that everybody gets to hear my Christmas album — and hopefully like it!”