Top Ten TV Moments of 2011

The year is coming to an end which means it’s time to stop, look back and reflect on important things. Important things like what was good on TV.

It turns out 2011 was a pretty good year on the small screen. We laughed, we cried, we swooned, we cringed, we felt things we didn’t know we could feel. From our favourite drama series to reality TV shows, we’ve been pretty much glued to our screens this year, so allow us to take you through the Flecking Records Top 10 TV Moments of 2011!

Warning: While all shows mentioned have been aired in the UK, this post contains huge spoilers if you’re not up to date on your favourite shows. You have been warned.

10. Strictly Come Dancing – Harry Judd does it for us

We’re not the biggest Strictly Come Dancing fans, but when we heard that super sexy McFly drummer Harry Judd would be taking part, we knew we needed to tune in. It turns out the line-up was pretty good this year – as well as Harry we had dishy Dan Lobb, impressionist Rory Bremner, singer Holly Valance and Jason Donovan of Jason Donovan fame! So we tuned in and we got hooked, although it has to be said, the reason we tune in every week is to see Harry strut his stuff. If you need convincing, just check out his hip wiggling action during his Week 10 Rumba.

9. Meerkats 3D

We have a slight obsession with 3D at the moment. We also have a bit of an obsession with meerkats (so damn cute), so when we found out that Sky were showing Meerkats 3D you can imagine just how excited we were. We were expecting to be blown away by cuteness – what we weren’t expecting was to be fascinated by their intelligence and devastated by just how sad the life of a meerkat can be – we cried buckets. That combined with the breathtaking scenes of the Kalahari Desert made for a great show about the little earth men.

8. Celebrity Juice – Ant and Dec’s adult appearance

You can pretty much guarantee that any episode of celebrity panel show Celebrity Juice is going to be funny, but the episode with Ant and Dec is easily our favourite ever.
Our inner child was delighted at all the SM:TV Live spoofs, reminding us of crackers like Challenge Ant and Wonky Donkey. But we are adults now, so we need something more and that came in the form of Let’s Get Ready To Fumble, which saw Ant and Dec blindfolded and placed in a box with a naked woman, with instruction to have a feel around. TV gold.

7. Big Brother – Aaron, poppet!

We were gutted when it was announced that Big Brother would be coming to an end, so you can imagine our delight upon learning that Channel Five were swooping in to save the day, bringing back the hit reality show starting with a Celebrity version this year. But you know what, it hit our screens and we weren’t crazy about it. Maybe it lacked a certain something, or maybe it’s because the housemates were either people we didn’t know or people we didn’t like – either way, we soon switched off. It is for this reason that we almost didn’t give the “normal person” Big Brother (which followed immediately afterwards) a shot, but thank God we did! Aaron Allard-Morgan was easily our favourite housemate. Was he being himself or was it all an act? Who cares, he was brilliant TV every second he was on our screens. A particular favourite moment of ours was during the Halloween tasks when Aaron prodded the “dead body” with his slipper, only to scream like a girl when it came to life.

6. X Factor – Alexandra

It’s been a pretty eventful X Factor this year. We’ve had shock departures, reported drug use, bullying allegations… and new judges. However, our favourite moment of all had to be when X Factor 2008 winner Alexandra Burke filled in for a poorly Kelly Rowland. Louis called Alexandra out over her comments about his act, Kitty Brucknell. How did Alexandra respond? “!” she said. DOT COM! Oh, how we cringed. The following week, upon Kelly’s return, Gary turned to her and said: “I just want to say… never leave us again. com” –

5. MTV EMAs – Adam Lambert rocks us!

Something happened at the MTV European Music Awards. Adam Lambert performed with legendary rock band Queen! We were so pleased to see the lovely Mr Lambert join Brian May and Roger Taylor on stage to perform a medley of Queen hits. Freddie Mercury’s shoes are pretty gigantic shoes to fill, so it must have taken huge balls to sing his songs – that’s tough enough. What’s even tougher, is doing classic hits like “The Show Must Go On”, “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” justice – we think Adam absolutely nailed it.

4. South Park – Royal Pudding – as is tradition.

We’re going to throw an unpopular opinion out there – the Royal Wedding did nothing for us. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding got the country, heck, the whole world all excited… but not us. Don’t get us wrong the day off was great, but we certainly didn’t spent it watching the wedding of two people we don’t know. However, if there’s one thing to come from the royal wedding that pleases us, it’s the South Park episode that shortly followed –Royal Pudding. Seeing is believing, that’s all we can say.

3. I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – Dougie Poynter and Mark Wright’s Bushtucker Trial

With another Flecking favourite, McFly bassist Dougie Poynter, taking part in a reality TV show, our schedules have been pretty full. It turns out that when the McBoys aren’t making great music, they’re making great TV. Our favourite moment, without a doubt, was when now King of the Jungle Dougie and The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright took on a Bushtucker Trial together – the one where they eat all the gross crap. We love the chemistry between the duo and Dougie dominated all that was put in front of him, including an ostrich anus and a bushbuck penis. We’re not sure if it’s Mark insisting the little penis looks like his when he’s cold, or Dougie exclaiming “It actually tastes like penis… penis tastes so bad” but the whole scene is just TV perfection.

2. The Good Wife – Will and Alicia finally have “good timing”

The Good Wife is certainly our favourite TV drama of the moment, and probably our favourite TV drama of all time. The show centres around Alicia Florrick, who is forced to go back to work as a lawyer after her States Attorney husband cheats on her and gets caught up in a corruption scandal which sees him sent to prison. Alicia ends up working for an old friend, Will Gardner. It’s clear to us that Will and Alicia are crazy about each other, and we spent series one and two yelling at our screens, begging them to get it together. Skip to the last scene of season 2, and after years of “bad timing” Will and Alicia suddenly find that they now have “good timing”, well, good ish. The pair try to check into a hotel, only for every room to be booked – that is, every room but the Presidential Suite which costs $7800 a night. Will pays it, but then the duo are faced with several more obstacles on their way to the room. We were on the edge of our seats until they finally put us out of our misery and kissed, right there in the lift. And then, after two seasons of anticipation, we could breathe again.

1. The Roast of Charlie Sheen – what’s not to love?

2011 has been a pretty hectic year for Charlie Sheen, and after everything that went on there was only one thing for it – to sit Mr Sheen in a chair, and have a bunch of comedians rip him to shreds in the name of comedy. Comedy roasts are a total gasp-fest, you sit there listening to the jokes and thinking “I can’t believe he/she just said that!” and wondering why the subject of the joke isn’t punching the teller of the joke in the face. The Roast of Charlie Sheen is easily one of our favourite roasts – Charlie was such a good sport, and a great bunch of comedians came out to rip the former Two and a Half Men star. Lead by Seth MacFarlane, we also had William Shatner, Jon Lovitz, Mike Tyson and Steve-O laying into Charlie. Our favourite moment was probably Steve-O’s efforts – he showed Charlie the ultimate respect by running face first into Mike Tysons fist, breaking his nose in the process. Winning!

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