CBB! Big In Japan Task!

It’s week 3 of Celebrity Big Brother and Housemates are set a hoax task…..

Housemates are led to believe that as well as being aired in the UK, Big Brother has also been available to watch in Japan and has become an over night success, so much so that it has a cult following and all Housemates are all now ‘big in Japan’ So a Japanese TV show ‘Super Chat’ has come to interview the Housemates….

One Housemate will be in on the hoax initially, and will be asked to pick the 3 most gullible Housemates who the hoax will be on. Shortly after Big Brothers announcement to the house breaking the ‘news’ that the show is a hit in Japan, all Housemates, bar the chosen 3, will be secretly informed that this is a hoax.

Housemates will only pass the task if they successfully get the chosen 3 to believe in the hoax and join in with 3 outrageous stunts as part of their interviews.

If housemates successfully pass their task they will be rewarded with a Karaoke party, sushi and booze for the evening.