CBB! Day 10: The (other) morning after the (other) night before

Everything that happened on day 10 in the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Day 10

The house is slowly waking up after last night when things got steamy in the hot tub. A flashback is shown of Nicola and Frankie in the hot tub the night before.

Most of the housemates are in bed asleep. Kristina and Karissa are whispering in bed and Kristina comments that “everyone was s**t faced last night.” In the kitchen Michael tells Denise he is not happy about the late night behaviour when some of the housemates were running around in the bedroom. “It was really irritating,” he mumbles. Gareth joins them. He says that he feels like taking the pots and pans into the bedroom and “f**king smash them” above the heads of the people who made all the noise.

Nicola asks Denise if she behaved “really bad” last night. Denise tells her: “The twinies said that you were jokingly trying to snog Frankie.” Nicola looks horrified then declares: “I’m going home!” and mutters that her husband is going to leave her. Denise tells her to the check with the girls but Nicola heads straight to the diary room.

In the diary room, Nicola tells Big Brother that she needs to go home because she got drunk last night and can’t remember much of it. Big Brother asks Nicola to think about it but Nicola adds: “My husband means more to me than being on a programme.” She says she feels anxious and doesn’t feel “strong” enough anymore.

In the bedroom Denise asks the twins about last night’s hot tub antics and asks if Nicola acted in a “jokey way.” But the twins say she didn’t. Frankie joins in the conversation from his bed and says that it isn’t true; Natalie also says that Nicola didn’t kiss Frankie. Michael and Gareth enter the bedroom banging pots and pans over everyone’s heads.

Back in the diary room Nicola tells Big Brother: “It’s just really fucked up” and says she is “gutted” that she survived the eviction. She leaves the diary room and tells housemates she is leaving. Natalie and Denise try to reassure her and tell her that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Karissa is gossiping to Georgia about Nicola. Georgia asks if they saw what happened in the hot tub. Karissa says that they did and assures Georgia that Kristina was being truthful about the kiss. Natalie is feeling a bit delicate and has come to the diary room. She tells Big Brother that her head is sore after getting a bit “tipsy” last night. She says she was sad that Natasha left, but managed to have a good night. Natalie adds that none of the housemates did anything obscene and were just “having fun” and joking around.

Gareth is giving Nicola a pep talk in the bedroom. He hugs her and tells her not to leave. He gives her a boost and reminds her that her children will be proud of her and says that if his mum was in the house, he would be gutted if she quit. “Stop thinking of yourself and realise you are part of a team,” he adds.

Nicola has come to the diary room. She tells Big Brother that she will stay in the house and see “how it goes today,” and reflects on her earlier chat with Gareth.
Karissa and Kristina are bitching about Nicola. Kristina tells her sister that Nicola hasn’t said one word to her today. In the bathroom, Frankie confesses to Kirk that he is fed up of all the gossip. He mentions that the twins had falsely accused him and Nicola of kissing.

Michael is in the living area trying to catch up on some sleep. Some of the housemates are also in the living room talk about the effects alcohol has on people. Denise mentions that the twins “don’t miss a trick.” Gareth muses that being a twin must be “weird,” as you don’t have your own identity. Michael goes into the bedroom and comments “Jesus, shut up woman” about Denise. Michael tells the twins that Denise has just been talking about them and then says that she evaluates everyone and keeps asking him questions about himself.


In the living area, Kirk and Frankie wind up the twins. “Kristina, I was watching you sleep last night, you looked beautiful,” Frankie yells to her. “Now I’m getting scared,” she retorts. The boys laugh and tell her they are only joking. Denise tells Natalie that she has told Michael to “enjoy” being in the house. She says that she told Michael that the younger housemates look up to him, however, she would like to speak to people who are interested in learning about her. Nicola tells her that Michael doesn’t understand, “He’s in his own little world, he’s created his own little show.” “Michael Madsen man of mystery,” Denise jokes. The girls laugh and agree that Michael means no harm. Nicola says that Michael thinks that the rest of the housemates are on a “secret mission.”


All of the housemates are lined up in the garden to take part in today’s task. At the end of the gruelling wade through treacle in an effort to collect teddy bears from a feather strewn bed, Nicola and Frankie win the task. For coming first, the winning pair has won immunity from the public vote. After the task, some of the housemates came to the diary room to tell all. Denise was stuck during the task so told Big Brother that she thought the gunge may have been mixed with cement. Gareth likened it to “sinking sand” and said that Nicola did well despite “the size of her jugs,” Gareth joked. “They make traps like that for rats you know,” Michael bemoaned. “Nobody thought we’d win, Frankie was amazing,” Nicola beamed.


Some of the housemates are taking a nap. Gareth is singing in the tub. Nicola tells Natalie that she would like to have a lie down but feels awkward doing so on her own. Michael is lying on the adjacent sofa. Nicola asks him if he could do another 14 days in the house but Michael disputes the duration. “That’s the reality of it,” Natalie reminds him and Michael tells the girls that he “never read the rules.” He tells them that things could change as “Big Brother can do whatever he wants to f**king do.” Denise also tells Michael about the time frame and Michael gets agitated. “Everyone wants to know what the f**k I’m thinking,” he says and tells Denise that she is always “in my mind, you’re a hypocrite.” He heads toward the bedroom saying: “It’s not funny and it’s not entertaining,” and goes into the bedroom. Nicola laughs as Denise tells them that Michael is doing her “head in.” “You two have got to stay away from each other,” Natalie advises.


Kirk and Frankie talk about Georgia. Kirk says “Now that I’m not interested, I keep catching her looking at me.” Michael is alone in the bedroom, obsessing about Denise. “This is psychological warfare,” he mumbles. Georgia and Denise are in the garden talking about Kirk. Georgia tells her that she likes Kirk but he has been too “full on.” She tells her that Kirk may have expected her to be all over him and “shag in the hot tub or something.” Denise says that there are some girls who would do things like that to get onto the “front page,” of the newspapers. Georgia tells her that Kirk has now gone from “one extreme to the other,” and although she likes him, he has now “gone a bit weird.” “He just won’t talk to me,” she adds.


Nicola is reminiscing about her Page 3 days. She tells housemates that she did a shoot for the Daily Star newspaper in the Italian Alps. “It was freezing but so beautiful,” she adds. During housemates’ banter, Denise says she is heading into the bedroom for a jumper. Nicola says she should tell Michael they are playing Charades. Denise says that she might show him her tits. As she heads to the bedroom some of the housemates follow. In the bedroom Denise jokes to Michael about flashing him but he gets annoyed “It’s so not funny, just go away,” he yells. Denise grabs her jumper adding: “OK, whatever, night night.”


In the bedroom Nicola asks Michael his thoughts on tomorrow’s nominations. He quips “I’ll have to think about that one. If I get through I can’t do it with her here. She’s gotta get the hell out,” he retorts.

Denise and Romeo have been called to the diary room to receive their punishment for failing the task. Big Brother has provided them with sleep suits and instructs them to enter the room on their left. “S*************t!” Romeo laughs as he and Denise notice the single bed in the corner of their ‘bedroom.’ “I’ll go to sleep and try not to molest you,” Denise jokes and agree that this isn’t much of a punishment. In the main bedroom, Nicola tells housemates that she thinks Denise and Romeo are in a “dark room with scary s**t being played” to them. In the task room, as Denise and Romeo settle down the sound of Michael snoring is played into the room. Romeo jumps up shouting: “You’re f**king kidding me!” Denise reminds him that it’s just Michael, “Just zone out,” and the pair settle down for the night.


In the bedroom, Michael is sleeping soundly, and snoring loudly. It has been 1 hour and 33 minutes since Michael’s snoring began playing into the task bedroom. Romeo tells Denise that he initially thought the sound was a “werewolf or something.” Georgia and the twins are in the garden, talking about nominations. Kristina tells them that she thinks her and Karissa, Georgia, Kirk and Frankie may be put up. They remind her that Frankie and Nicola have immunity from the next public vote. One of the twins says she will nominate Michael and Kirk. Georgia tells them that prior to coming into the house “everyone warned me” about guys like Kirk. Kristina tells her that guys like Kirk turn rude “If you don’t get with them – f**k her anyway!” The girls talk about Nicola’s actions “She’s in the hot tub flirting, I wonder what her husband would think.” They say that Nicola will nominate them “cos we’re more attractive than her,” and claim that Nicola is having a “breakdown.” Kristina ends: “I’m gonna do (nominate) Michael and Kirk.