CBB! Day 6: Housemates take part in fairytale task

Today the Celebrity Big Brother house was a fairytale world.

Chapter One
Once upon a time in a land far away – well, Hertfordshire – 13 “special people” lived in a very special house. These people were so “special” that they were known as celebrities.

For this week’s shopping task, the Big Brother house has been transformed into a magical fairy land. Karissa nominated herself to be Goldilocks by answering Big Brother’s call for a housemate to go to the diary room. She then had to decide which of her fellow housemates would play which role and decided on the following…

Three Little Pigs (Most Greedy) – Kirk, Romeo, Frankie
Little Red Riding Hood (Most Caring) – Natalie
Big Bad Wolf (Most Evil) – Nicola
Rapunzel (Most Hairy) – Georgia
The Prince (Most Handsome) – Gareth
Beauty (Most Beautiful) – Kristina
Beast (Most Ugly) – Andrew
Pinocchio (Most Dishonest) – Natasha
Geppetto (Most Hardworking) – Michael
The Three Bears (Most likely to cuddle up to Goldilocks) – Denise

When Karissa announced her decisions to the housemates, Nicola was annoyed that she was chosen to be the Big Bad Wolf: “I’m gonna stop cooking and cleaning now.” Later on in the bedroom, she confesses: “I know it’s really stupid but I’m really offended.” In the bathroom, Michael comments on everyone’s new looks: “Andrew looks quite bizarre now he’s put on his outfit.” Natalie laughs and replies “was he not bizarre before?”

A treasure chest in the garden contains 600 gold coins which represents the shopping budget. Housemates will face 6 challenges, each challenge worth 100 gold coins. If they fail a task 100 gold coins will be removed from the chest. If the housemates pass they will be rewarded plenty of food and drink. But if the housemates fail they will have to survive on basic rations.

For the first challenge, Prince Gareth has to rescue Rapunzel (Georgia) from the tower in the garden. As he climbs the ladder, he nearly falls into the swamp but manages to hold on to the ladder as his housemates cheer him on. Later on Prince Gareth reflects in the diary room: “I was shaking a little bit. I was actually really nervous,” he tells Big Brother. “I was upside down, kinda like Mission Impossible style. Crazily enough I felt a massive sense of achievement.”

Little Pig Kirk is telling some of the housemates about one of his loves in life; his chickens. “I haven’t bothered naming them because they all look the f***ing same!” he jokes and then tells the group that he has racing horses as well as rescued battery chickens. “The closest living thing to a dinosaur is a chicken” he continues, “I’m not just a pretty face… with ears!” he laughs.

In the living area, the fairytale creatures are having some fun with their new costumes. Little Red Riding Hood (Natalie) is skipping on Rapunzel’s (Georgia’s) hair. In the garden, one of the three little pigs (Romeo) and The Beast (Andrew) are talking about nominations. The Beast is happy that housemates have told him they would change their votes and nominate differently now. “If I’m still here, I don’t want to go through the stress of being nominated again!” he says and tries to laugh it off.

Big Brother plays the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ into the house and triggers the Big Bad Wolf (Nicola) and Little Red Riding Hood’s (Natalie) task. Frantically they dress up in their costumes and have to jump in bed together where Little Red Riding Hood must say her lines. However, Red Riding Hood doesn’t finish her lines before the music stops so they fail part of the challenge. The fail means Housemates’ shopping budget has now decreased from £600 to £500.

Night has fallen on the Big Brother house and the Three Little Pigs are messing about. “Let’s just run towards each other!” Kirk shouts at Frankie and the pair jokingly wrestle and end up in a heap.

The Three Little Pigs are the next housemates to perform their part of the task. Big Brother has sent a wolf into the garden to blow the little pigs’ straw house down. The Three Little Pigs hold on to their house and manage to save it from from blowing out of the circle. They pass this part of the task. They will be tested again.

The housemates aren’t safe from challenges for long and Big Brother soon announces the next fairytale task for Beauty (Kristina) and The Beast (Andrew.) As part of the task, The Beast has to rate his attractiveness against his fellow housemates in the diary room. Meanwhile, Beauty has to decide how The Beast rates himself. “I’m better looking than Denise at this point,” The Beast decrees before saying, “I’m less attractive than Georgia, that’s easy.” When he has to rate himself against Michael, The Beast says “he’s more attractive than me without a doubt!” He pauses and finally decides that Frankie is better looking than him also. Because Beauty and The Beast’s answers didn’t match more than five times, they learn that they failed their task.

When Andrew returns to the main living area, he is met with a mixed reception. Denise congratulates him on a “nightmare task” but the Playboy twins seem annoyed at The Beast’s vanity and complain to Natalie in the bathroom. “Sir F**kalot out there thinks he is hotter than everyone!” they shout before Natalie reminds them that “Andrew lives in Andrew’s world.” She tries to explain that Andrew lives in a world where he is a superstar but she continues to stand by her feelings that he is “deluded.”

In the bedroom, The Beast (Andrew) and Geppetto (Michael) are lounging on the bed. The Beast starts to massage Geppetto’s feet and Geppetto tells him “You really are useful.” The Beast continues to do “reflexology” on Geppetto’s feet and presses into his foot: “Here’s your sexual organ. I won’t go there for too long” he laughs.

In the smoking area, the rest of the housemates are speculating on who will be evicted out of the house first. Kirk admits that he thinks Georgia will go even though he “hopes she doesn’t.” “I’d prefer for Andrew to go,” Natalie asserts and the rest of the housemates agree.

In the diary room, Goldilocks tells Big Brother who she thinks will be evicted. “Andrew is super annoying. Every time I look at him he looks like a sad dog! I want Georgia to stay but I feel this is as much as we’ll get out of her personality-wise.”