Celebrity Big Brother: Day 2

All the goings on in the Celebrity Big Brother house: Day 2.

The 12 celebrities are asleep in the house but one housemate is louder than the others; Michael is snoring very loudly.

The housemates wake up. In the bedroom, Gareth asks his fellow housemates if they heard the snoring, “Oh God, it’s a f**king pain,” he bemoans. Natasha laughs in agreement. In the living room Michael studies the new light boxes that have been installed bearing the housemates’ portraits, and laughs.

Frankie and Kirk are smoking in the garden and mention how nice Natasha seems. They both say how gorgeous Georgia looks first thing in the morning and Kirk jokes that he had to put his sun glasses on so he could stare at her without detection.

Michael is in the kitchen and Andrew and Nicola are cooking. Michael asks Natasha what she does, “Are you a singer.” Natalie tells him, “It’s a bit embarrassing actually,” adding: “I’ve been dreading this moment.” She begins, “I had a really long affair with a footballer who then happened to be my brother-in-law.” She reveals that she now has a better relationship with her husband but they are not together. Michael asks who her husband blamed most and Natalie replies, “Both.” She says she it surprised that her that her husband wasn’t angrier with the situation and reveals that she is happy to now be on her own with her children. “How would you feel if it was the other way round, if it was your sister who was screwing around?” Michael asks. Natasha says her sister wouldn’t do the same. Michael asks ‘How do you know?’

Some of the girls are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. In the bedroom, Nicola and Andrew talk about dancing and his job as a choreographer. Andrew talks about his life and says that his biography “would be interesting.” Denise is putting on her make-up and Nicola tells her that she has read her biography. Denise then tells some of the housemates about her battle with depression. “It’s very difficult,” Andrew tells Denise, “I know how it feels to be really low.”

In the bedroom, Andrew teases Michael about terms Americans use like pants while Brits say trousers. Some of the housemates are in the living area grilling Kristina and Karissa about life in the Playboy mansion. Denise asks them if there are “sex parties,” in the mansion and the girls laugh. They describe parties where some of the girls wear nothing but body paint. Denise laughs while mentioning that Frankie’s eyes have lit up. The girls say that it wasn’t all fun and describe the constant “schedule,” they had to follow. Natalie asks if they got paid and the girls tell her that they received an allowance. “It may sound cool but it’s a full time job, everyone was old,” Kristina muses. “You were basically there to make it (the mansion) look good,” Natasha comments.

Andrew reads out the instruction for today’s task. Housemates must show just how connected they. In the garden there is a battery with connections to a light bulb; Housemates have to guess what connects them to each housemate. If they get the connections right, and the light lights up, Romeo will win his suitcase back.
The housemates get ready and move out into the garden to begin the task. Housemates begin the task and reveal their relevant indiscretions, “This is like the Priory,” Denise jokes as one of the twins admits, “I bashed a guy in the head with a beer bottle,” after he assaulted her sister.

Gareth tells the housemates that he is not proud of some of the things he has done and tells them that he was married to the “most amazing girl,” before coming out as gay. Frankie tells the housemates that he “chucked in my chance on the biggest TV show, I did a line of cocaine and the whole country knew about it.” Andrew says that he blew his chances on the X Factor a few years ago. “The judges annihilated me,” he muses. “And I cried for two days.” When the housemates think they have completed the connection Romeo flicks the switch. The light comes on and housemates celebrate winning the task.

Some of the housemates are in the smoking area. Gareth opens up to Georgia about coming out and tells her there were already “rumours,” circulating about him. He says that he decided to “control who I told.”

Andrew tells them that as a dancer he has had people speculate about his sexuality, “all my life.” Denise tells him that he is quite camp and Andrew says that he sees himself as “feminine,” rather than camp. Natasha is talking to Nicola about her affair with her brother-in-law. “I can’t hide, the only thing I can say is sorry,” she comments. Natasha reveals that the fallout of the affair was worse for her friends and family because they were in the UK whereas she managed get away. “He says the thing that hurt most was that I didn’t tell him,” she reveals when Nicola mentions that Natasha confessed all in a letter to her husband. Natasha tells her that she chose to write it down so that she could say all she needed to “without interruption.” She tells Nicola, “I’m very happy in my personal life now.”

Kristina and Karissa are in the kitchen. Kirk is in the bathroom contemplating having a bath. In the garden, Natalie and Denise joke about Kirk getting in the hot tub with Georgia and the twins. As the twins come into the garden they head for the hot-tub, Natalie shouts how nice their bums are and Nicola agrees. They speculate if the twins have had “implants.”

Most of the housemates are at the sofas. Big Brother has called Kirk into the diary room. Housemate can see him on the TV screen in the living area. Big Brother sets Kirk a geography task and if successful, Kirk will win an Essex party for his housemates. He tells Big brother that geography isn’t his strong point, “I’ve looked at a map once, before I went to Bromley,” he laughs. Kirk fails to complete the task and has therefore failed.

Kirk settles in next to Georgia. “Are your teeth real?” he asks and she tells him that two of her teeth are capped. Kirk then asks she has eyelash extensions on and Georgia says yes, but adds that they need reapplying. At the smoking area, Natalie and Denise are talking about Andrew. Denise says that he is “hilarious,” and they both admit that they think Andrew may be gay. “I just hope for him, that he’s not hiding anything,” Natalie says. Andrew is in the diary room. He tells Big Brother that the “experience is very different.” “I’m just being myself, good or bad,” he says and comments that he may think “too much.”

Denise tells Michael that she will watch all of his movies once she leaves the house. He advises against it and tells her that he made some of his films “just to pay the rent.” Michael says that he admires actors like Kirk Douglas and Warren Mitchum and launches into a nice anecdote about his friend Al Pacino. “Will they be our friend?” Denise jokes. “It’s so amazing that you’re here,” Natalie beams. “I can’t believe I’m sitting with Michael Madsen,” Kirk adds.

At the sofas, Natalie is talking to Nicola about her affair and says that she was “naïve.”

In the garden, Kirk tries to work his chemistry on Georgia. She explains that her mood changed now that the wine has finished. Kirk is disappointed as Georgia tells him that she now doesn’t want to get into the bath with him. Kirk persists and Georgia tells him that he is cute. “Are your boobs real or fake,” he asks and Georgia replies that they are real. “F**k off!” Kirk laughs and says that he is upset about the bath he had planned and will now pull unplug the water. “When the water runs out it’s like the tears out of my eyes,” he muses and jokingly calls for cupid to help him out. “I think you’re hilarious,” Georgia says. “F**k that s**t,” he exclaims, “I want Frankie to think I’m funny…,” he quips.

Most of the housemates are sleeping; Michael is snoring, loudly. Kirk has come to the diary room and tells Big Brother that his night has been “brilliant.” “I’ve had four to five beers, told Georgia I fancied her,” but adds that he didn’t get the best response. Kirk says that he gets “attached too easily,” and says that he felt that he had clicked with Georgia before he even met her which is “a bit weird.” Kirk says that Georgia is like his first crush on the Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin animation.