Celebrity Big Brother eviction twist!

In the first live eviction show of CBB 2012, host Brian Dowling will announce that tonight there will be a live, fairytale task-themed exit.

As in all good fairytales, the task ends with a celebration Ball and the celebrity housemates are looking forward to a magical evening.

Viewers will see the housemates eating, drinking and dancing at the Ball during tonight’s live show. Brian will bring viewers up to date with the highlights of the Fairytale Task so far, then it’s straight back to the house as Goldilocks (Karissa), Beauty (Kristina), The Beast (Andrew), Little Red Riding Hood (Natalie), the Big Bad Wolf (Nicola), Three Little Pigs (Kirk, Romeo, Frankie), Geppetto (Michael), Pinocchio (Natasha), the Three Bears (Denise), the Prince (Gareth) and Rapunzel (Georgia) will be startled by the clock unexpectedly striking midnight.

Brian will speak to the house and announce that for either Andrew or Georgia, their Big Brother story has come to an end and that they will be leaving immediately. In a stunning live twist, the evicted housemate will be whisked back to reality as they leave the house via a unicorn-drawn carriage to be interviewed by Brian in the outside world.

Still reeling from the unconventional eviction, the surviving housemate will be called to the diary room and instructed to nominate two housemates to face eviction on Friday, unaware that the rest of the house are watching them make their decision. The two nominated housemates will face the public vote immediately.