Get your hands on Brendan B Brown

Everyone needs a miniature version of Wheatus front-man Brendan B Brown in their lives.

And if you’re gonna have a miniature version, it may as well do something hugely useful, like store files.

This handsome little plastic representation of Mr. BBB was a limited edition exclusive from their 2011 UK tour.

Just ever so gently rip his head off and insert his USB body into your computer to reveal all sorts of glorious content.

As Brendan explained on tour, this is a fully functional 2GB USB drive. So once it’s in your posession, you can feel free to use it to store any of your own files as well.

-Includes MP3s of the full albums Hand Over Your Loved Ones, TooSoonMonsoon, The Lightning EP & The Jupiter EP, plus bonus tracks.
-Includes music videos Something Good & Real Girl, as well as various live clips and the teaser trailer for the “Wheatus, you might die” documentary.
-A set of tour rehearsal photographs exclusive to this USB drive.

Get your hands on one while you can. Click here for more info.