Jedward return to Celebrity Big Brother

Uh-Oh! Jedward popped back into the Celebrity Big Brother House today… but it was only for a task.

Jedward returned to Celebrity Big Brother as ‘Cheeky Cherubs’ for Tuesday’s task. The duo’s love of celebrities means that they collect autographs and souvenirs from as many as possible, where possible – so they set Denise and Natalie a secret mission to collect specific souvenirs from certain Housemates, to deliver back to the garden Cherubs without getting caught.

Denise and Natalie had to collect: Michael’s cowboy hat, a sandwich that Karissa has taken a bite out of, and a lock of Frankie’s hair, and secretly return them one by one to the Cherubs via a secret hatch in the garden.

Passing the task would win them their favourite meal, drink and music to enjoy in the Diary Room. But, if Denise and Natalie failed (or were sussed) the punishment would be terrible – servings of jelly and ice-cream with Jedward’s ‘Bad Behaviour’ on repeat in the diary room – a punishment anyone would want to avoid!

Tune into CBB tomorrow to see what happened.