Zac Efron, Adam Lambert, Joshua Jackson – we love a man in a cardigan!

It’s January, it’s winter, it’s freezing cold here in jolly old England and we’ve got one thing on our minds – snuggling.

Now we’ve got all the garish Christmas knitwear out of the way (we’re not knocking them), the men of the world are struggling to keep warm without them, and resorting to actual cardigans.

Get images of your granddad out of your head right now! Some of the hottest celebs are opting for a nice cardie and we can’t say we’re hating it.

Still not convinced? Allow us to take you through some of our favourite cardie-clad fellas – you’ll be rushing out to buy one for the man in your life (but be careful, it’s a bit icy this time of year).

First up we have sexy singer Adam Lambert (Exhibit A), who can be seen wearing a nice knitted number in a still released from his forthcoming music video Better Than I Know Myself. We’re all so used to seeing Adam glammed-up to the eyes, but when he strips it down his gorgeousness sparkles even more than the glitter.

Next up we have Fringe hottie (and someone who, to us, will always be Blaine Tuttle from Cruel Intentions) Joshua Jackson. The actor was papped at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (Exhibit B) wearing a cardigan. Oh how we’d love to snuggle up in there too… then again, maybe we have an ulterior motive.

The wonderful Mr Zac Efron is no stranger to a cardigan. Zac is a man of varying hairstyles and fashion choices. Over the years, since a 19-year-old Zac burst into our lives in High School Musical, he is at a point now where he rarely get’s it wrong, style-wise. Can he pull off the cardigan (so to speak)? Of course he can. Check out Exhibit C to copy his look.

Olly Murs showcases a whole range of nerdy-looking knitwear in his music video for Busy (see above). With his nerdy glasses and his side parting, Olly is rocking the geek chic look. We’ve also seen him wearing his fair share of knitwear in the real world, and that looks great on him too.

Penn Badgley (Exhibit D) is another fella who isn’t afraid of a bit of knitwear. The Gossip Girl star (or Lobster Todd as he’s more affectionately known amongst the Fleckers) has been in the show since 2007, and has clearly picked up a thing or two about fashion over the years. Penn more than qualifies for our (entirely fictional) Cardigan Wearer Of The Year Award.

And finally, how not to do it. Matt Damon donned a hugely tacky Christmas cardigan on the Today Show for their Ugly Sweater segment. Check out Exhibit E and under no circumstances copy it.

And for those of you who are enjoying looking at men in cardigans (all of you, right?) you can click here to visit a Tumblr page dedicated to posting pictures of men in cardigans.