Fan-friendly celebrities (and those who tell fans to f*ck off)

Inspired by the charming Justin Bieber shouting “f*ck you” at a fan, we’re having a look at the celebrities who are the most fan-friendly.

17-year-old Justin was reportedly at Disneyland and unimpressed by the attention he was getting from fans on his day off. In a video doing the rounds online, after one girl shouts “I follow you on Twitter” Justin can apparently be heard replying “f*ck you!”. Charming.

Of course not all celebrities are so dismissive of their fans – even on their days off.

One person who always has time for his fans is the handsome Olly Murs. If he’s not taking him time to speak to everyone at public appearances then he’s chatting to fans on Twitter. He is forever tweeting photographs of fans that he’s met at meet-and-greets and competitions and he’s always happy to do his bit for charity and schmooze with fellow supporters and fans. Whenever we meet Olly he very friendly, tactile and is an absolute delight to chat to.

Another male musician who lives to please his fans is Adam Lambert. While a lot of celebrities bang on about keeping their professional and private lives separate, Adam always keeps his fans in the light about everything. Whether it’s good news or bad, Adam always takes to Twitter to set the record straight. Speaking of Twitter, Adam frequently hosts Twitter parties during which he answers questions submitted by his fans.

We’ve also witnessed boyband McFly and The Wanted being exceptionally lovely to their followers, but when it comes to movie stars, sometimes the attention just gets too much.

Two celebrities who are often slated for their treatment of fans are Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

After being approached by a fan during an interview, In2town quotes the Twilight actress as saying: “He didn’t ask for a picture. That’s good, because then they go and Twitter them and then the paparazzi know where I am and they drive to my location and it gets crazy.

“Twitter f*cks me over every day of my life. Because people go, ‘I’m sitting next to Kristen Stewart right now’ and then they show up. I see people on their phones and I just want to take these cookies and throw them.

“It’s like ‘Get off your f*cking phone and get a life!’ I get so mad. It’s like you’re trampling on someone’s life without any regard. And it’s rampant.

“Everyone can do it now. Buy a camera and you’re paparazzi; get a Twitter account and you’re an informant. It’s so annoying.”

Rumoured (do we still have to say that?) boyfriend Robert is no better. We saw him upset fans in London during his time there filming Bel Ami by refusing to stop for fans who had waited for him.

Oh, and it’s not just the really famous who ignore fans. We’ll never forget Party In The Park 2006 in Leeds. Shayne Ward (in case you don’t remember him, he won X Factor back in 2005) left after his performance via the artists entrance where THREE children (and we mean children, the oldest was probably 8) were waiting for him. Shayne didn’t stop for them despite their banners and the fact they had his name written on their faces, which incidentally they promptly washed away with their tears.

Of course these are individual incidents – Justin, Rob, Kristen and Shayne are often very good to their fans.

Luckily the good eggs outnumber the bad ones. Have you encountered a very friendly or very unfriendly celebrity? Leave us a comment.