The Sexiest Gay Men In Showbiz

I’m sort of in love with Joshua Jackson. He’s super famous, he’s in a relationship and he lives thousands of miles away – let’s be honest, like the rest of his adoring fanbase I don’t stand a chance. It doesn’t stop us crushing on celebrities thought, does it? It’d be different if he met me, we’d fall in love and live happily ever after etc.

The same goes for the likes of Zac Efron, Harry Judd, Max Beesley and 3/5 of The Wanted. Fans always have that little glimmer of hope that one day they’ll met their idols and fall madly in love too.

But some celebrities will never ever love us back, no matter how much we tell ourselves that they will. Curse our female body parts, because some of the sexiest celebrity men out there at the moment are gay, and we’re never ever going to be their type.

Take the utterly gorgeous actor Jeremy Sheffield. You probably saw him on your screens last playing Danny Stratton in Coronation Street – the hot guy that Becky went off with. We’ve probably had a crush on him since he starred in Holby City in the early noughties, and that love only grew stronger – even when he was playing total sleaze bags, like in the Wedding Date, or when he played a creep (but not THE creep) in Creep, or a pervy uncle in terrible terrible film The Children.

Speaking of actors, Neil Patrick Harris is another Flecking favourite. True, we fell in love with the fictionalised version of himself in Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies, but it turns out the real NPH is actually a very lovely guy. Fictional Neil, we stand a chance with. Real Neil is very happy with his partner, David Burtka. Both are utterly gorgeous.

Another gay celebrity we don’t exactly hide our huge huge crush on is Adam Lambert. The sexy singer really can’t do anything wrong in our eyes. It’s the voice, the style, the charm, the face… the complete Lambert package (don’t be dirty!) is what we love and what we want.

Oh, and we couldn’t chat sexy gay men without mentioning Ricky Martin. Ricky was one of my first crushes, I wanted to live La Vida Loca with that man. I saw him kissing the lady in the video, that could’ve been me (eventually anyway, I was probably about 12 at the time). But no, it just wasn’t to be.

Let’s not forget Jake Shears, Darren Hayes, Will Young, Russell Tovey and Rupert Everett.