When I grow up I wanna be just like…

Ageing – it’s a tricky thing for ladies to do well, especially in the celebrity world.

Some of them grow old gracefully, some of them don’t go down without a fight. And it’s not just all about the looks, there are some ladies in showbiz who (sadly) act their age, or act even older – it’s boring.

We want to celebrate the celebs who say balls to the numbers on their birth certificate, who wear what they want to wear and who do what they want to do.

I’m in my 20s now, so we’ll kick off at 30. When I grow up, I wanna be just like…

30s – Jennifer Love-Hewitt, 33
Do you know what Jennifer Love-Hewitt did to celebrate turning 31? She put a huge bow in her hair, teamed with a pair of fishnet tights, a tutu and a “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” t-shirt, and then she posed for the paparazzi outside her house. I think I’ll do the same on my 30th – if I can persuade a gang of my pals to pose as paps.

40s – Jennifer Aniston, 43
Yes, you read that right, Jennifer Aniston is 43-years-old. She was just 25 when friends kicked off back in 1994 and if we’re being honest, she doesn’t look that much older, does she? People go on about the whole Brad Pitt leaving her for Angelina Jolie thing, but seriously running around after 6 kids has not been that kind to him, whereas Jen is still looking hot!

50s – Kim Cattrall, 55
Do we mean Kim Cattrall or do we mean her Sex and the City character, Samantha Jones? Sure we’d all love to be a bit more like Sam, but Kim is pretty cool too. Oh, and 55-effin-years-old. 55! She doesn’t look her age, but she doesn’t look like she’s trying not to look her age either, if you know what we mean (you don’t know what we mean, do you?)…

60s – Christine Baranski, 59
OK, we are cheating ever-so slightly. Christine Baranski is technically 59-years-old, but come May 2 she will hit the big 6-0, so we reckon it’s fine to use her as our example. The Good Wife actress is another celebrity who is giving the finger to age (although she isn’t actually, because she’s far too ladylike). We love her classy yet sexy style – did you see her at the Emmys last year? Yowza!

70s – Joan Rivers, 78
Joan Rivers may have had a tiny bit of work done on her face, but come on, she doesn’t seem 78-years-old, does she? We’re not exactly that eager to get a facelift, but we so want to be like Joan when we’re her age. This lady does not give a f*ck what she says, or who she offends. After years of (hopefully) being nice, we’ll be ready to let it all out – maybe we won’t have the platform Joan has for unleashing (Fashion Police is wonderful), so we’ll just take it out on our younger relatives or something.

80s – Lauren Bacall, 87
Lauren Bacall is another celebrity who is growing old gracefully, maintaining all the glamour and class she displayed in her black and white movie days. This lady is old enough to be my great great grandmother, and yet doesn’t look close to her 87 years of age. The actress, who’s career has spanned over six decades, described the plastic surgery boom as “youth sickness”. She has shunned surgery in favour of smart-dressing. Lauren knows what suits her figure and her age, and dresses accordingly.

90s – Betty White 1922, 90
Betty White is 90-years-old. The (still working) actress is exactly what we want to be like when we’re 90 – in fact, we could probably do well to be a bit more like her now. She doesn’t look her age, she doesn’t act her age. How did Betty say she was going to spend her 90th? Nope, not with a big bow and a tutu, she said she wanted to stay at home with her dog, catch up on things she doesn’t usually have time for and maybe, just maybe, do a crossword. Give her a break, she is 90 after all. But seriously, she is such good fun and such a nice lady. We love you, Betty White.