Adam Lambert’s Famous Fanbase

Bruno Mars in the latest in a long line of celebs to show a little Adam Lambert love.

Adam recently put in an exceptional performance of new track Never Close Our Eyes. And, OK, Bruno may have penned the song, but he wouldn’t have tweeted a video of Adam performing it if he wasn’t impressed.

Bruno isn’t the first famous Glambert. Slash, of Guns N’ Roses fame, previously gushed about Adam, saying: “He’s got so much range and it comes so easy—it’s like effortless.”

High praise indeed, and it gets better. The legend that is Meatloaf is quoted as saying. “I think there are three singers that I have heard that I think have that thing, that jet pack quality to their voice that just lets it take off… Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Adam Lambert. Top three! I am not kidding. That kid is something else. He’s real.”

Fellow former American Idol success story Kelly Clarkson is also a lover of the Lambert.

“I love his voice,” Kelly said of Adam during an interview last year. “That’s what I call him! He’s like the male version of Pink’s voice — it’s just this raspy, raw, awesome voice.”

Gary Jules, performer of Mad World which Adam performed on American Idol, also praised the sexy singer when he saw him on TV.

“It was fantastic,” he said. “He has a beautiful voice. … I heard his Michael Jackson cover and I heard some of his other stuff, and I think that he’s probably one of the most — if not the most — interesting performer I’ve ever seen on `American Idol.’”

With so many famous fans it’s impossible to list them all, but do leave us a comment letting us know your favourite celebrity quotes praising Adam.