Five bands we want to make a comeback – à la S Club 7

As delighted as we are by the news that S Club 7 might be making a comeback, it also made us greedy! We want moooooore!

We’ve had Take That, we’ve had Steps… now it’s the turn of the S Clubbers according to the Daily Mirror. Apparently Hannah Spearritt, Paul Cattermole, Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett, Jon Lee and Bradley McIntosh will be hopping aboard the reuniting bands bandwagon, reportedly having signed a new record deal with plans to tour.

A source told the newspaper: “The guys have been inundated with approaches and offers over the past three years, but always said no.

“But following a series of talks and meetings, they decided to go for it. The band figured it was a case of now or never. And if the gigs go well there is the option to release a new album, plus a Greatest Hits.

“Everyone is really excited – and frantically getting back in shape.”

So is it true? Well, the band’s PR told the Mail Online that reports of a reunion are “just rumours at this stage”, but even so, it’s got us excited and thinking about other bands we would love to see comeback.

Have a flick through the pages to see the five bands we want to see back together as soon as possible.