Five bands we want to make a comeback – à la S Club 7


No prizes for guessing our dream reunion – Busted. Say what you like about Busted (oh, they didn’t play their instruments, they didn’t have a drummer, they mimed on Top Of The Pops, waaaah, waaah etc.), but Matt Willis, Charlie Simpson and James Bourne played a huge part in bridging the gap between pop and punk rock in the UK. Huge fans of some of the punk rock greats, their musical influences were apparent in their music and they opened the eyes (and ears) of young pop fans – and we can’t prove anything, but we reckon it was their foot in the door that kept it open for some of the more poppy bands who are now embraced by the alternative crowd, you know the ones who spit at mainstream music. Even James’ next band, Son Of Dork, got a bit of airplay on the Kerrang! channel.
In 2005, when Charlie decided that he wanted to quit Busted and focus on his other band, Fightstar, Matt and James made the tough decision not to carry on without him. It’s been tough on us ever since! We miss their catchy tunes, their movie references and their ability to make pretty much anything rhyme.
We can probably file this one under: never going to happen, because not only is Charlie insistent that he will never join his band mates, but James told us during an interview that Mr Simpson doesn’t want them to go ahead without him either. Boo, Mr Simpson. Boo.