Lily Collins on ex Taylor Lautner

Lily Collins was full of praise for her ex fella during a recent interview.

Chatting to Seventeen about Abduction co-star Taylor Lautner, Lily said: “He’s a talented actor and a gentleman.

“Taylor is very humble. He has so many fans and he never forgets that. He really appreciates the support that he’s gotten through the years, and he gives it right back — to me, that makes a good leading man.”

So what kinda fella is Lily on the look out for now?

“Somebody who can make me laugh at the drop of a hat, and is an old-school gentleman, who sweeps me off my feet in a quirky way, either by writing me a letter or surprising me,” she said.

“I like someone I can have a really fun time with and be extremely goofy with, but at the same time have a serious conversation with.”