3D in style! How to look cool in 3D glasses

If you’ve ever been to the cinema to see a 3D flick, or if you have a passive 3D TV at home, you’ll know how dorky the glasses can look.

It’s hard to look good in the big and boring black 3D specs most cinemas dish out, but it’s even worse for people like me. Yes, I’m talking about the four-eyed community – do you know how ridiculous it looks wearing a pair of 3D glasses over your actual glasses? It looks pretty damn silly.

If only there were some way to do 3D in style – to wear cool frames, or to match them to your clothes, or to avoid having to double-up on glasses.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you… The 3Bee 3D Glasses Company.

If you’re just after a bit of colour to make you stand out in a dark room full of dark glasses, you want to look at their RealD Certified 3D Cinema Glasses. The blue adult frames and the red kids frames are available for just £1.50 a pair. They’re funky and they’re comfy, and the kids ones are great for people with smaller heads.

But what if it’s not enough to go for a different colour? What if you really want to stand out from the crowd with an entirely different pair of frames all together? If you’re willing to spend a little more money (and they’re entirely worth it) you can transform yourself from film-watcher to film star with NightCrawlers or DepthMasters.
At £5.99 a pair, the NightCrawlers are wayfarer style and available in red or white. If you fancy splashing a bit more, then go for the Aviator style DepthMasters. They’re £13.89 a pair, but made anyone we had try them on look like a total rockstar! They’re comfortable, they’re durable and they come in a hard case so you can keep them safe.
Another reason we love both pairs is due to the hard lenses used – you don’t worry that they might pop out if you touch them and they’re easier to keep clean.

And finally, if you’re a glasses wearer like me, the answer to all your 3D-based problems: Clip & Flips!
Simply attach the 3D clip-ons to your own specs and you’re good to go. You don’t need to worry about trying to wear two pairs of frames at the same time and the fact that they lay over your own glasses means they don’t affect your range of site. Want to look at something without the glasses? Simply flip them up, and then flip them back down when you’re done. They’re very easy to carry around in your bag too, so perfect for taking to the cinema with you – and the provided slip-case keeps them scratch free.
At £9.49 for small and regular, and £10.49 for X Large, all spec sizes are catered for. So whether you’re rocking big trendy frames or stylish smaller ones, you’re covered – literally.

Don’t thank us, thank The 3Bee 3D Glasses Company.

For more information, visit their website by clicking here.

Photographer: James Genchi | Models: Abbey-Jade Birden, Charlotte-Louise Cooper & Olivia Wilford