Fan bids £63,000 for Niall Horan’s toast

Wowza! A One Direction fan bid a whopping £63,000 for a piece of toast that had been in Niall Horan’s mouth.

The band were testing foods on Australian morning programme Sunrise when the 18-year-old realised he didn’t like Vegemite-covered bread (who could blame him?) and so he spat it out.

Afterwards, a staff member picked up the toast and listed it on eBay as “Toast Half-eaten by Niall from One Direction on Sunrise” – with the proceeds going to children’s charity Young Care.

“For one lucky Directioner, that dream is about to become an easily digestible reality!” reads the eBay listing.

“Now you can be the proud owner of this piece of half-eaten toast which passed the lips of the blonde singer.

“We will not be including the mouthful that Niall spat out – because that’s just gross.”

111 people bid on the bread reaching an impressive £63,000!