Flecking Records 3D Week

Welcome to Flecking Records 3D Week 2012.

It’s no secret that we are lovers of extra dimensions here at Flecking Records, so we’ve put together a 3D week to celebrate.

Whether it’s the subtle addition of depth or bits and pieces flying out of the screen at us, we love the way in which 3D enhances films, TV shows, photographs and video games.

So whether we’re speeding after Dr. Eggman on Sonic Generations, cooing at Meerkats 3D, ducking to dodge the debris flying out from Final Destination 5 or trying to kiss Jon Bon Jovi’s beautiful 3-dimensional face, we’re always wearing our funky 3D specs – and boy, do we have some funky ones.

Most 3D TVs can convert whatever you want into 3D – something that made Adam Lambert’s EMA performance with Queen even more enjoyable for us – which isn’t as impressive, but still adds enough depth to make it worth while.

So sit back, grab your 3D glasses and keep your eyes on our website from a week of stereoscopic splendour.