Adam Lambert: Queen collaboration could have been “intimidating”

Adam Lambert knew that his job fronting Queen could have been an intimidation one…

The sexy singer will be joining the legendary rockers for a few shows, however thanks to the attitudes of Brian May and Roger Taylor, Adam felt “surprisingly comfortable”.

Adam told BBC Breakfast: “It’s such a great challenge, I’m so excited. We’ve been rehearsing for the last few weeks and it’s actually surprisingly comfortable.

“It could have been a very intimidating situation but Brian May and Roger Taylor are total class acts, very down to earth and we’re having a good time playing great music.”

Adam also revealed that he is going to put on a unique performance, rather than try and be Freddie Mercury.

“I’m not going to be Freddie Mercury, he said. “Freddie Mercury is one of a kind, there is no chance of even trying. I’m just there to sing the music he helped create, pay respect and bring it to life.

“One of the exciting things about fronting Queen next month is that we’re crashing two worlds together. I love the music of Queen and classic rock but right now I’m creating music that is a little more dance/pop hopefully with a rock ‘n’ roll spirit.”