Bra-less Miley Cyrus snap hits the net – but she ISN’T cutting herself

A snap of Miley Cyrus has hit the net. She may have forgotten her bra, but the important thing to note is that she isn’t self harming.

The photo, posted to Instagram by a friend, wrongly lead some people to believe recently engaged Miley was cutting herself – she was simply showing off her bracelet to the camera.

A friend laughs off any speculation this has anything to do with Miley cutting herself, telling, “It’s just a freaking bracelet picture and it’s a bracelet she’s had and worn for years. Clearly, she isn’t cutting herself. It’s a handcuff bracelet and she’s just showing it off, that’s all. Like really, she’s not cutting herself. It’s simply a bracelet she’s showing off.”

Click here for a photo.