Catherine Zeta-Jones’ kids love Butlins

Catherine Zeta-Jones says her kids love holidays at Butlins.

The actress, who has two kids with hubby Michael Douglas, says her children love holidaying at the budget resort.

“They love going to Butlins with my parents for long weekends,” she said.

“They’ve been on the beach when it’s been horizontal rain in Swansea, you know? They can’t believe it; they’re on the beach and it’s raining.

“When they lived in Bermuda, they had more of a British accent than I did. They’d talk so properly; they were so posh. But then in two months of coming back to school in the US, in New York, they sounded as if they came from the Bronx. I’m like, ‘What happened to mummy?’ It’s now ‘Mom!’

“They don’t like Branston Pickle to my horror. They don’t like Yorkshire puddings — to my horror. They love a good shepherd’s pie because they’ve been brought up with it, because it’s pretty much all I can make fantastically well.”