Mila Kunis: “I don’t think of myself as particularly attractive”

Mila Kunis doesn’t see what people see in her.

The actress doesn’t believe she is naturally sexy, and relies more on her sense of honour.

“I appreciate the attention but I don’t think of myself as particularly attractive at all. I also don’t have that naturally sexual or sensuous way of behaving that some women have,” she said.

“I do have a pretty sharp sense of humor, though, and I think that has helped me.

“LA is filled with the most beautiful women in the world who all come here to be part of the entertainment industry. It’s impossible to compete against that.

“Some women rely on their looks to make it and others know that they need to work hard to not just be treated as a pretty object and have a serious career.

“So I’ve never bought into my own beauty myth and I have always worked hard and believed in myself as an actress in order to get where I am.

“Nothing was ever given to me and that’s the way it is for virtually everyone. You have to fight very hard to make it in this business.”