Big Brother: Day 29

Day 29 in the Big Brother house…


Last night Arron, Becky, Conor and Deana learnt that they would face the public vote. Conor was stressed…Arron felt the strain, Caroline broke down…but Scott came out fighting.

This morning there’s an awkward atmosphere in the house.

Arron comes to the diary room to talk, ‘I was annoyed at first, it was so obvious who did it.’ He continues, ‘I’m nice and calm now…there was a bit of a situation last night. Our little Scotty boy he turned, what a b**ch!’

In the bathroom, Shievonne asks Caroline to fill her in about last night’s argument as she was sleeping. Caroline tells her, ‘People were being spiteful; they were being horrible to one another. You were so lucky you were sleeping.’ Caroline comments on how Sara changes with alcohol and just wanted to go to bed. Shievonne was shocked to hear the details of the argument.

For this week’s task, housemates will battle for territory within the Big Brother house in a series of epic challenges to claim exclusive access to areas of the house, Turf Wars! First, they are asked to pair up with their best friend in the house; however Big Brother has a nasty surprise up his sleeve, as friends will become enemies and the best friends are split into two teams.

Rival teams, Blue and Green are formed, separating the best friends who will now be in direct competition with each other.
As there is an odd number of housemates and Shievonne is the odd housemate out, she gets to choose which team she’ll join…she picks the Blue team. With teams picked and lines drawn, the battle will soon begin.

Adam shouts, ‘No fraternising with the enemy!’

The teams will clash over a series of challenges each earning one of the groups control of a room in the big brother house. The housemates chant and start to psych each other out. It’s turf wars and there can only be one victor!


For this week’s task, housemates will battle for control of the house, but one housemate is not feeling her outfit. Becky cries, ‘I just don’t wear trousers! I won’t be able to do the task cos I can’t move. I can’t be arsed.’ She continues, ‘I just don’t want to be here anymore. I look such like a hippo its ridiculous!’ Scott comforts her.

Arron tells Luke S that Becky isn’t very team orientated today as she’s not feeling her outfit.

Becky goes to talk to Big Brother about how she’s feeling about her task outfit. She announces, ‘I can’t be arsed, my pants don’t fit me. I’m too fat for them, I never wear trousers.’ Still upset, ‘I’m not running or doing any challenges in these pants. There’s no point, I know I will be going on Friday…I’m trying to win food for a bunch of d**ks!’

Big Brother cheers her up by saying that they are camouflage trousers and that Big Brother can’t even see your legs. She laughs. Big Brother adds, ‘You have a team now and they are relying on you.’ Becky replies, ‘Yes! I hate team spirit, it makes me sick!’


In the bedroom, Shievonne and Ashleigh are talking about Lauren not sharing her cigarettes. Shievonne says, ‘The selfishness is unbelievable. I just can’t take no more. Double personality.’ She continues, ‘She better keep my name out of her mouth.’ Ashleigh agrees.
Lauren is talking about Shievonne in the diary room, ‘It is so obvious that Shievonne and Ashleigh are double teaming on me. It’s pathetic ‘cos I didn’t give her cigarettes.’ Lauren also thinks she’ll fall out with Caroline as she’s not very competitive, ‘I’m going to start to give her a kick up the bum! Bring it on!’


In the garden Luke S is fraternising with the enemy; him and Ashleigh are kissing in the smoking area.
Scott also comes to the diary room to comment on his outfit. ‘Quite sexy!’ He adds, ‘It’s a different style for me and I like it. Rather cool.’

Scott talks about his team, ‘We have the physical strength; look at Luke S’ thunder thighs…Becky is clever, good at maths.’ He believes they will win.

In the bedroom, Arron and Sara are talking about grudges. Arron says, ‘Life is too short to hold a grudge.’ He adds, ‘I’ve never said I don’t like you. No hard feelings.’

Sara replies, ‘There’s no hard feeling to have.’ The male model suggests that they start a fresh and the female model admits that she has always liked him. Scott joins them, him and Arron hug. Scott says, ‘It’s fine, I forget things after a day.’ Sara adds that the only time she got angry is when Scott got upset last night.


This week’s shopping task will pit Green against Blue in a battle for kitchen supremacy. Trolley dash will consist of four rounds of grocery tug of war with housemates aiming to fill their trolleys with as many items as they can to win pints and control of the kitchen and this week’s luxury shopping.

Lauren tells Sara, ‘She’ll (Becky) tire out well quick.’

The winning team will get a £400 luxury shopping budget for the week.

Up first is Sara (Blue) Vs Becky (Green). Housemates all cheer! Becky wins.

Up next is Conor (Blue) who takes on Adam (Green). Conor shouts, ‘Mind over matter!’ The Irish man dominates and the Blue’s take the lead!

Luke A (Blue) is up against Luke S (Green). Luke S sweeps the floor and bags all the items, Luke A is exhausted. The Green’s are back in the lead, but it’s not over yet! Its 29 Vs 23…The fate of the kitchen rests with Ashleigh (Blue) against Arron (Green). Arron shows no mercy and wins the game!

After four rounds Greens have an impressive win with 49 points to 23. They gain exclusive access to the Big Brother kitchen and are overjoyed; team spirit is in the air!


In the first battle of Turf Wars the Green team is triumphant! Losers, the Blue team have to make do with a box full of basic rations and are not permitted to enter the kitchen or eat any of the Green team’s luxury food.

Big Brother reveals the new house layout to the housemates. Luke S cheers, ‘Green seats and everything! This kitchen is class! So much food!’

The Blue team look on and shift through their rations which they will have to eat cold. A disappointed Conor takes an apple and heads to the sofa. Caroline tries to lighten the mood, ‘We generally have the best team. I’d rather the best team than no food.’

Conor comes to the diary room to reflect on the tug of war, ‘We were so out matched. It was great I actually beat him (Adam)! I put him on his arse, it was so funny.’ He adds, ‘We’ll detox and diet with the rations…it will be so hard, the worst thing is to see them eating chocolate. If we get the bedroom and the bathroom I’ll be happy!’

Luke S has a look at the Blue team’s food. Luke A and Adam look on, Luke A says, ‘Who the f**k does he think he is? Let’s not rise to it.’


Some of the smokers in the house are getting desperate. Lauren, Adam and Luke A are shifting through dog ends. Luke A says, ‘We have sunk to new lows…’ Lauren replies, ‘My mum is going to kill me!’

But in the bedroom it’s raising suspicions. An angry Ashleigh says, ‘I’m so p**sed off right now that they are smoking and not giving us any.’
Shievonne believes, ‘They are blatantly lying. They are mugging us off right now. They are actually laughing rolling!’ Ashleigh says, ‘I hate her (Lauren) with a passion.’


It’s the second round of Turf Wars. The two teams are battling for control of the living room sofas and dining table. In the next game Sofa Hoppers, the teams must rank themselves in various categories from most to least, predicting the order secretly chosen by their teammates – Shievonne (Blue) and Luke S (Green). They will score a point for each correct answer they guess and the team with the most points will win.

Luke S and Shievonne go to the diary room while the rest of the housemates put themselves in order of least to most attractive.

Next is least to most annoying. This causes discussions amongst the groups. Luke S says, ‘I’m just trying to think what they are thinking outside!’

Finally it’s least to most bitchy. Conor straightaway says that Caroline is most bitchy in their team. Luke S picked Scott as the bitchiest, he’s shocked, ‘I didn’t expect that!’

Big Brother reveals the result of the Sofa Hoppers challenge; the Blue team are the winners, winning overall control of the living area.


Lauren is looking into the bathroom from the garden, ‘Bitch bitch bitch!’ Becky thinks they are talking about Conor winning the tug of war. Adam disagrees, ‘No they are trying to pull back together. They all had a little tiff with each other!’

In the bathroom, there is plenty of bitchy chat and talk centres on Adam. Conor is bragging about his win against Adam, ‘It was awesome!’ Caroline says that Adam has nothing going for him and is the greediest housemate.

Ashleigh adds, ‘I’m surprised that I haven’t had a full blown argument.’


Some of the housemates are in the garden.

In the bathroom, the attention turns to Becky. Conor says to Caroline, ‘I’m telling you now, your two friends Becky and Scott, I don’t trust them. I don’t care if you tell them.’ Caroline says she wouldn’t tell them and sticks up for Becky.

Conor concludes, ‘She’s (Becky) turned Scott into one of the biggest actors in here!’ They all agree.

The housemates in the garden are trying to guess what is going on in the bathroom. Becky says, ‘I think they’re bitching.’ Luke A asks, ‘Why don’t you go and join in?’ Becky replies that they are probably talking about her.

Back in the bathroom, Caroline looks confused about what she is hearing. Arron announces, ‘Scott and Becs are likeable characters but I don’t f**king trust them!’ Caroline adds, ‘I think we should be more aware of what’s going on in the smoking area, more bitcher.’ Shievonne agrees.

Big Brother announces that the living area is now open, Luke A says, ‘Let them run in first like d**kheads!’

Adam walks in to the living area and announces to the group, ‘Group hug!’ A bewildered Caroline asks, ‘Why on earth do you want to have a group hug? Weird time.’ Lauren and Adam chuckle.


It’s been a long and tiring day, with both teams winning control over one area of the house each. Some of the team members are having a midnight snack from the luxury shopping in the kitchen. Deana chooses to eat the muesli, Lauren is shocked! Conor disappointedly tucks into his ration of rice pudding from the basic rations.

Adam comes to talk to Big Brother, ‘I’m quite content with my team but I would like to have the people that I’m closest with on my team.’ He continues, ‘When we’re in the set task we are motivated, want to win it together but once we’re outta the task everyone goes to their other team.’

Adam concludes, ‘People are already set with their ideas about people. The most peculiar behaviours I’ve witnessed in my life. There’s nothing like the Big Brother house, nothing like it at all.


Caroline comes to talk to Big Brother, ‘This is the first task I’ve enjoyed as we’re in teams and not by myself.’ She goes onto say that it’s great to have Conor but not so great that they have Luke A and Lauren in their team. The blonde adds, ‘Adam is deluded and generally thinks he is going to win Big Brother.’

In the garden, Luke A asks Adam how things are going with Lauren. He smiles, ‘Fine and dandy.’ He continues, ‘Who knows, I don’t know what to think in this house. I don’t think there is anything really there.’ Luke A asks if he would make a move. Adam replies, ‘I would cuddle her, wouldn’t want to mess anything up. If she gets closer and closer I’m going to have the urge to kiss her, that’s probably the biggest move I’ll make.’