Big Brother: Day 30

Day 30 in the Big Brother house…


Yesterday, battle lines were drawn as housemates were split into two competing teams for this week’s task. It’s the Blue team Vs the Green team! All week they must compete against each other in a series of challenges to win exclusive access to different areas of the house. The Green team won access to the kitchen and a luxury shopping budget, with the Blue team winning access to the living and dining area. Luke S jokes with Caroline, ‘You will run out of food Caroline!’ She disagrees and he continues to wind her up by making a point that he has a carton of orange juice.
Caroline and Sara are eating their rations on the sofas, whilst discussing the Duke of Edinburgh award. Caroline confirms she completed the Bronze and Silver award and then gave up.
In the bedroom, Shievonne is wondering what Big Brother has in store for her 29th birthday on Friday. ‘Oh my god! What if they got a sexy caramel stripper?!’ Ashleigh says she will ask Big Brother for a striper. Shievonne adds, ‘Or we will have to get Adam to get dressed up in that army outfit!’ She then asks Lauren, ‘Would you mind if I get your boyfriend to dress up?’ Lauren laughs, ‘My boyfriend?!’
Back in the bedroom Shievonne thinks the first challenge will be for access to the bedroom and that the losing team will have to sleep in the task room. Shievonne leaves the room; Lauren says to Deana, ‘Shievonne f**king hates me have you noticed? We need to swap (groups) me and you!’
The Alpha males from competing teams, Conor and Luke S, come separately to talk Turf Wars to Big Brother. Luke S thinks, ‘Physically we’re the stronger team.’ Conor says, ‘If it’s a mental and a group task we’ll win hands down. I was gutted about the kitchen…it’s the first time I’ve tasted muesli ever! F**king disgusting.’
Luke S admits that he is quite looking forward to winning the bedroom and bathroom and jokes, ‘We are the best and we will beat the rest!’
Now its time for round three and the battle for the bathroom! To win, teams must compete in a relay and collect rubber ducks with their mouths from gunge filled loos and drop them in the baths without using use their hands. Let the battle begin! All team members work hard and there’s a lot of encouragement.
The Blue team score the most points in the amount of time given. Conor shouts, ‘We won!’ Big Brother announces that the Blue returned the most ducks to the bath tub, however as Sara used her hands to pick up a duck the Blue team are disqualified. The Green team win the bathroom and cheer! Sara apologies to her team
Adam chants, ‘You won to loose!’ Conor reacts, ‘I’m happy we won. I don’t care.’ The Blue team are then given 30 seconds to collect their toiletries from the bathroom.
Some of the Blues are a left little miffed. Caroline and Conor rummage through their rations whilst discussing the Green team’s cheers.
Becky is over the moon in the diary room, ‘They are absolutely mortified! Sara cheated that’s why they didn’t win. More fool them!’ She continues, ‘Conor is taking it really badly, the most stressed out moody teenager. The fact he’s up for eviction is definitely stressing him out.’
The Green team are revelling in their new territory, a new green bathroom! Arron and Deana are check out the Blue team’s new camping shower in the garden. After seeing the camping shower, Luke S admits, ‘I do feel sorry for them.’
Sara comes to see Big Brother. ‘I really don’t want to lose the bedroom. I like to use the mirror and my clothes are all in order. If I take them out they will get mixed up. I hope I don’t do anything silly again as people will get really mad.’

In the bedroom, Arron gives some of the Blues a tip for the camping shower; however Luke A leaves the room for the smoking area, and Adam follows. An angry Arron says, ‘F**king f**k off you kn*b, get a f**king life!’ He continues, ‘He’s (Luke A) is moody as f**k. I’m sick of it. I can’t keep trying to make people like me.’ Shievonne adds, ‘If they like you they like you. Literally it’s as simple as that.’ The male model says he needs to learn from her.
Adam comes to talk to Big Brother. ‘I’m really trying to contemplate and really see if I like these people as human beings or if it’s just this game show. I’m just trying to figure it out. Some of the things that they say and how they treat other people is wrong.’ He continues, ‘I’m’ friends with Lauren and we’re flirtatious, so the next thing I hear is that someone told her that you and your boyfriend need to stop flirting ‘cos it looks like he’s fingering you and nowhere was it ever been done…Allegedly Shievonne has been saying these things.’ He wonders how he should deal with the situation.
Some of the housemates are talking in the living area. Caroline says, ‘This task is magnifying everyone’s irritating character traits like Lauren and Deana.’ Ashleigh adds, ‘They don’t associate with everyone else.’
Shievonne comments on Luke A, ‘He is ready to flip the script mate.’ Caroline agrees, ‘He is so competitive, you (Luke S) are a nice competitor. Luke A and Lauren, Adam are horrible when they are competitive’ Arron adds, ‘They sit in the smoking bay and bitch.’
Caroline advises Arron to stop trying with Luke A, Arron says that he can’t help it and gets frustrated.
So far in this week’s Turf Wars task, the Green team have been in the winning seat. Now housemates must compete for the bedroom. To win the bedroom three members of each team must come to the diary room, where Big Brother will reveal comments that other housemates have said about them. In order to score points, all they have to do is work out which housemates said each comment, the team with the most correct answers will win the bedroom. Deana, Becky and Scott represent the Green team, and Caroline, Lauren and Conor the Blue team. The housemates find the comments very interesting. Scott shouts, ‘This is amazing, these people have said these things! Deana is played a comment from Conor’s where he says she has a split personality, she is fuming, ‘He doesn’t even know about my personality, rah!’
Big Brother reveals that the Blue team scored two points and the Green team scored three points meaning the Green team wins again! Adam praises, ‘Good job!’
The Blue team look disappointed and are allowed to gather their belongings from the bedroom.
Defeat is far from the housemates mind’s, as the post task inquest begins…Deana confronts Conor about his split personality comment, ‘You don’t know my personality, we’ve never spoken!’ He replies, ‘They were my feelings, I can read people.’ Conor walks off and a miffed Deana calls him a nasty man to Adam.
The Blue team are in the living area and most of the Green team in their kitchen. Luke S teases Ashleigh by eating a packet of cookies in front of her and her team, ‘Throw one now or you’re dumped!’ Luke S winks. She adds, ‘See you later Luke S.’
The Green team rush to see their new green and tidy bedroom. Luke S is happy, ‘Oh my god! Woah! This is class!’ The Blue team look on with long faces. They are then allowed to go and check out their new bedroom in the large task room. They are shocked to see no beds but roll mats and sleeping bags. Shievonne shouts, ‘You b**tards!’
The task is getting the better of Lauren. She sobs to Luke A that she feels ill and doesn’t want to be in the house. Luke A comforts her.
As the Green team won exclusive rights of the bedroom, the Blue team are not permitted to enter. However Ashleigh goes into the Green’s bedroom to collect a personal possession.
Back in the Blue bedroom, Caroline admits to Conor, ‘I won’t be able to cope if you’re not in here next week…you don’t understand how f**king annoying I find those three. I’ll go completely mad if you go! Off my rocker!’
Luke A comes into the bedroom and claims his bed. Caroline and Conor switch their conversation. Luke A says, ‘It’s annoying we’ve lost another area, I want territory big time!’ He leaves the room.
Caroline mimics Luke A, ‘He’s such a loser, he cares so much about this game. Conor laughs, ‘You’re such a b**ch!’
Housemates are gathered on the sofas as Big Brother reveals to everyone that Ashleigh broke the task rules when she walked into the bedroom, and as a result the Blue team will be punished and become pot washes for the Green team.
The Green team cheer! Big Brother confirms that the Green team mustn’t do any washing up and give it all to the Blue team to wash up in the garden. Ashleigh goes to collect the washing up equipment from the diary room. ‘I hate fairy up liquid! I hate washing up.’
In the Blue team’s bedroom they are feeling anything but Blue. Conor is wrapped up in his sleeping bag impersonating a human worm. He acts the worm, entertaining his female team members. They all laugh.
In the garden, Lauren admits that she thinks the task sucks. Luke A says, ‘I’d have a so much better time if certain people weren’t here.’ Adam adds, ‘I actively tell Big Brother that I don’t like the human beings in here.’
Deana tells the three housemates, ‘When you come to the point you know you’re going to be up you just think f**k it…that’s what happened to me.’
Lauren adds, ‘If I were to start telling people I didn’t like them it would be nearly everyone. Luke A concludes, ‘If there was a hell this is what hell would be like sleeping with a room full of t*ssers!’ Adam laughs and Lauren agrees.
With the house divided, all but one Green and one Blue are in bed. Adam and Lauren are talking about how they get on so well. She says, ‘You were well cautious about me from the start.’ He replies, ‘Absolutely.’ The blonde asks why. He replies, ‘Why? Sara’s not my type, Lydia is engaged and there was Deana…but you, I was attracted to you.’
Lauren explains, ‘I never get called attractive as they don’t see me as a girl, but one of the lads. I beat them on Fifa.’ Adam smiles, ‘I would love to have a girlfriend that played Fifa, how would you not?’ The pair sits in silence.