Big Brother: Day 33 – Something stinks…

Day 33 in the Big Brother house…

This week its Turf Wars and housemates are competing for control of territory within the house. The Blue team hold the sofas and dining area as well as the garden. The Green team hold the bedroom. With no access to the bedroom, blue team member Shievonne has woken up in the basic barracks… on her birthday. The Blue team are getting ready for the day. Caroline sings ‘It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to’ to Shievonne who says that she feels miserable: “I don’t want to do this task today,” she grumbles.
Becky has come to the diary room. Big Brother asks her how she is finding Day 5 of Turf Wars. Becky growls and admits that the task has caused team mates to argue with each other. “Everyone’s started ganging up on Adam, Caroline has been bitching about Sara, Shievonne and Ashleigh are very bitchy,” she lists adding: “It’s absolutely hilarious!”

Some of the Blue team are in the living area discussing Adam. Caroline thinks that Adam must be “boring to watch” and laughs as she tells the group that people fall asleep his conversations. Shievonne tells Caroline that she should say these things “in front of people’s faces, otherwise people just think you’re a bitch, straight up.” Shievonne confesses that she would rather wait for people to ask if she is alright and will reply, “No, when you did X Y Z, it really p***ed me off.” Caroline then tells the group that she finds Luke A “extremely irritating.” Ashleigh quips “Because he’s vacant that’s why.” Caroline tells the group that all these things are really her own problems: “I’m just irritable,” she muses.

Becky has come to the diary room. Big Brother asks her how she is finding Day 5 of Turf Wars. Becky growls and admits that the task has caused team mates to argue with each other. “Everyone’s started ganging up on Adam, Caroline has been bitching about Sara, Shievonne and Ashleigh are very bitchy,” she lists adding: “It’s absolutely hilarious!”

Scott is quoting Dickens: “It was the summer of hope; it was the winter of despair.” Shievonne is at the sofas. Her mood has not improved. “This is the worst birthday I’ve ever had in my life,” she moans adding: “A bunch of fake ass people wishing me happy birthday and they don’t even f**king mean it!” Lauren looks over at her, having hugged and wished her happy birthday earlier today. Shievonne tells Lauren and Ashleigh that she cannot stand being in the house any longer, “I’m so mentally above this at this point, I’m exhausted, I might just go to bed.”

Sara and Caroline are in the garden working on their fencing technique, wielding the long foam poles. Luke A is in the diary room talking about Sara. He claims to have seen a “different side” to her. “I think she knows what it feels like to be victimised slightly,” he says and mentions that Caroline had upset Sara. Luke A says that he won’t fully trust Sara yet because of her continued friendship with Caroline. However, he feels that Sara could be doing what his group do: “Trying to socialise as much as we can with these people, and just be civil.” Big Brother suggests that the tension might be diffused because of Shievonne’s birthday. Luke A smiles and reveals that today, Shievonne is both “angry and moody” and is “barely talking to people.” He claims that Shievonne’s birthday “might even exacerbate things even more.”

For today’s Turf Wars battle, the two teams will go head to head in a smelling task. They’ll eat a selection of foods and pass their stinky breath along a chain. To win a point each food must be guessed correctly by all players in the chain. The winners will be granted access to Big Brother’s secret room later today. Luke S worries that Adam won’t be any good in the final rounds claiming, “Smokers’ can’t smell.” The Blue team won the task and secured access to the secret room later today.

In the garden Lauren tip toes up to Adam’s his mouth then giggles “I was just smelling your breath,” before going into house. Luke A watches from the smoking area and comments: “You know that I know, that you know that I know that,” “Absolutely,” Adam smirks. Lauren returns and Adam jokes: “Are you sure you don’t want to smell it again?”

Today has been too much for Shievonne who has come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. Shievonne says that she is “trying to stay positive” but doesn’t care about the house today. She is upset and tells Big Brother that she should be with her family on her birthday not with people “who don’t f**king care,” and “only worry about themselves.” She says that the only people she has are the Blue team. She complains that her clothes and hair are horrible on today of all days then confesses: “It’s me, myself and I, like Beyonce said.”

Big Brother has gathered the housemates to announce the results of today’s breathalyser challenge. Big Brother announces that Blue team has won with a total of 4 points. In the diary room, Adam admits that he will take the “whole percentage of the blame” for losing the task. Luke S claims that the secret room will be “bloody good, and I’m gonna be pissed off.”

Becky and Scott are building a fort in the bedroom out of mattresses. In the diary room Big Brother has secretly asked Ashleigh to compose a special song in honour of Shievonne’s birthday. If it goes down well, Shievonne will receive a special message from home. Ashleigh has been working on her song in the diary room for the past 20 minutes. In the garden, the Blue team are discussing Ashleigh’s long stint in the diary and mention that she could be doing something special for Shievonne. “She’s your best friend, she might have a task,” muses Luke A. Big Brother announces that Becky and Scott must deconstruct their fort.

Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the sofa for Ashleigh’s big moment. Housemates watch Ashleigh perform the birthday song via the TV screen and all cheer when she returns to the house. Big Brother announces that Ashleigh gave a satisfactory performance and has therefore won her a message. A picture of Shievonne’s two nieces appears on the TV screen as they sing Happy Birthday. Shievonne is clearly moved and tells housemates “It’s made my day!”

Shievonne goes into the diary room where two bottle of fizzy pop are waiting for her. She screams with delight and says that she would like to “bottle Ashleigh up and keep her forever.”

Becky and Scott are constructing a fort in the bedroom. The Blue team are at the sofas. Big Brother announces that the secret room is now open and they rush in screaming. They all toast each other and Shievonne’s birthday with the blue cocktails. Big Brother announces that Becky and Scott must deconstruct their fort. Scott is in the diary room talking about his literary lookalike.

In the secret room the Blue team are instructed to choose one member of the Green team; Big Brother will call them to diary room where they must answer a number of personal questions. The majority choose Adam. Caroline says that Adam is interesting and Luke A asks her to explain Adam’s supposed bad side, “cos I can’t see it,” he adds. Shievonne claims that Adam has said “sneaky things,” and Luke A disagrees and says that they should choose Luke S. “He’s my friend and I don’t want to hear what he’s got to say,” Shievonne exclaims. Sara and Luke A begin to argue as she claims that Luke A targeted her for picking Adam when she had not. They agree to disagree. Outside in the garden, Becky and Scott start bickering and begin to argue.

Becky and Scott argue in the bedroom. Adam is called to the diary room. He is unaware that all of the questions that Big Brother is about to ask him were chosen by the Blue team; and unbeknownst to Adam, his entire conversation is being screened in the secret room. When Big Brother asks Adam which housemate he thought played up to the cameras the most he named Shievonne, Ashleigh and Conor. He mentioned that Shievonne cries “on cue,” and didn’t cry when she received her special birthday message but cries when people are evicted. Shievonne is angry and addresses the groups asking: “Is this dude trying to tell me that I don’t love my nieces?” She tells her fellow team mates that she does not want to hear any more and Ashleigh tries to calm her down.
When asked who he thought was the fakest housemate he revealed that it was between Luke S and Shievonne. He claimed that Luke S only voiced his opinions about Arron once he’d been evicted rather than saying it to his face. Adam says that Shievonne, “intimidates people, she corners them and belittles them, a lot.” He claims that she is not always as “fun and happy as she seems.” Adam responds to the question of who he thinks will win Big Brother and he names Luke A. “He’s a good person, he’s done something amazing in here and opened up to us and let everyone know nationally and, you know, it’s very commendable.” For the final question Big Brother asks which housemate is not to be trusted? “Shievonne and Caroline,” Adam replies. He says that if people tried to confide in them it will be “blown out of proportion and mixed into something else.” Shievonne says that she is fine and viewers will see how devastated she was earlier in the diary room. Caroline laughs off the situation adding: “I wish we could see more. That was so fun!”

As the Blue team emerge Conor suggest that they tell Adam that they could see him in the diary room. Adam walks through the living area. In the bedroom, Adam tells the Green team “You know what, I think they saw that.”

Shievonne is in the garden, reeling from what she heard in the secret room. Ashleigh tells her, “It’s his opinion, it doesn’t mean two s**ts to you,” as Shievonne begins to cry. Lauren tries to reassure her and tells her that people in the house like her. In the bedroom Adam says that he is sure the Green team watched him in the diary room. He heads out into the living area and Luke A is by the sofas. “I can’t tell you what just happened,” he says. “You watched me,” Adam responds and Luke A smiles and tells him that what he said was “spot on.” “Just be careful of Shievonne,” Luke A warns him. Adam walks back into the bedroom and announces, “Confirmed.” Becky and Deana look shocked.

In the blue bedroom Conor has found a way to amuse the girls by sticking a carrot through his flies. Adam is in the living area confiding in his two best friends Luke A and Lauren. Luke A says that the room may now be taken away and Lauren says that she doesn’t care. Luke A reminds him to stay clear of Shievonne. Adam asks why Sara was upset and Luke A tells them that Sara did not want to pick him either and they tell Adam that they were overruled. “They’re just worried that all their s**t’s gonna come out,” Luke A tells them. Adam asks if he will now be branded “public enemy no. 1” by the viewers as well as in the house. Luke A says that it won’t. “You’ve been genuine, you haven’t been fake at all,” Luke A says and Lauren agrees. They all group hug and Adam lifts the others off the ground.

Most of the housemates have gone to bed but Luke A wants a final word with Big Brother. “I can’t believe you did that to Adam,” he starts. “Imaging your best friend being on TV and you can’t step in, otherwise they’ll rip off your head and s**t down your neck or something.” He admits that being in the secret room was like being in the “lion’s den,” and claims that his team mates took offence to Adam’s comments because they didn’t like hearing the truth. “To them he’s like something in the way of them winning 100 grand. I definitely don’t want to see him get shut down. There’s gonna be massive fireworks,” he ends.