Sebastian Bach’s emotional visit to school in India

For all those who think 80’s Hair Metal – and I use the term loosely, as I hate referring to this era of hard rocking music as “Hair Metal” – anyway, for all those who think the members from that era are all hair, no talent and no heart, you may want to change your mind.

Recently, in Shillong, India, the King of Tripura India escorted Sebastian Bach to a local school. Sebastian not only gave new computers to the school but also gave clothes, socks and food to all the children. For his kindness, in return, the school choir gathered and sang and other children made cakes and candles by hand. Sebastian was overly touched with emotion for the days events.

“Today was an incredible experience,” Sebastian posted to Facebook. “We are in Shillong India. Our host Pradyot is the King of Tripura India. Today we presented the local school, Providence School, with brand new computers, socks, clothes & food to all the school children! They were so happy & the school choir was assembled & sang to us in the most precious, beautiful voices. It was an emotional day for us all & the Head Master, Brother DeSouza, is an amazing man who loves the kids & puts a smile on all their faces. Thanks to all the children for the songs, & candles & cakes they made for us by hand. Enjoy the computers! Happy Holidays to all!”