Big Brother: Conor is evicted – with £50K prize!

Tonight, in a sensational twist Conor McIntyre, 24 is the tenth housemate to leave the Big Brother summer 2012.

The four-day White Room task came to a sensational climax tonight when Conor and Luke S were faced with an agonising decision that would change their lives forever. They knew was that one of them would win a pass to the Big Brother final, but what they didn’t know was that one of them could potentially snatch half of the £100 000 Big Brother prize fund. However, that housemate would have to leave the house immediately with their cold, hard cash. If neither of them decided to choose the cash, then they would both return to the main house with one of them winning a pass to the final.

Tonight, Conor, the personal trainer from Northern Ireland made the decision to press the buzzer and as a result, left the Big Brother house with £50.000 following a brief farewell from his housemates. In a tense stand-off both housemates were presented with the chance to take the £50,000 and Conor took it. Luke S will return to the house with a guaranteed pass to the final.

When host Brian Dowling asked Conor why he decided to take the money he said: “He (Luke S) knew how much this would change my life, he’s got a job, I still live with my mum and dad, the only reason we were friends were because of Ash’.” He added that Luke S would be “gutted but at the end of the day I’m the one with the 50 grand!”