Celebrity Big Brother: Day 18

Day 18 in the Celebrity Big Brother House…

Last night, Samantha and Danica became the latest housemates to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Now, with less than a week to the grand finale, which of the eight remaining celebrities; Ashley, Coleen, Harvey, Julian, Julie, Martin, Prince Lorenzo and The Situation will be in the final.

The Situation asks his fellow housemates if he was “dreaming” last night adding: “Was Ashley walking around naked in the bedroom?” Some of the housemates laugh and confirm his query saying that Ashley made a naked trip to the toilet during the night. “I was like, no, that’s not happening right now, totally butt naked!” exclaims The Situation.

Last night, Coleen was saved by the public and has come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. “It’s an amazing feeling, I’m so delighted,” she beams. Coleen broaches her issues with Julie but says that she won’t raise them with her. “She’s definitely had a problem with me but I’d hate to upset her, it really rocked her when she heard people chanting,” she confides. Coleen says that others have noticed that Julie may have a problem with her adding: “I thought it was me, I thought I was paranoid.” She tells Big Brother that she may try and speak with Julie but isn’t sure how to approach it, and says that Julie might dismiss it. “She’s not gonna be honest in here,” she remarks.

Ashley, Martin and Prince Lorenzo are working out in the gym. In the kitchen, Coleen is still worried about Julie and mentions it to Julian. “Cos she’s not been up, it’s a shock, the first time you hear boos,” she muses. Julie has come to the diary room and is still unnerved having heard boos aimed at her from last night’s live audience. “It wasn’t pleasant,” she starts. “I know nominations are tough but when you hear the crowd outside booing, that’s horrible to take in.” Big Brother asks Julie what her plan is for the final week. “I don’t play games,” she replies adding: “I haven’t got any plan, I can only be me, just Julie, and that’s why I wore that t-shirt saying ‘Get it, Got it, Good,’ which was one of Bet Lynch’s expressions, I don’t have a games, I’m not like that, I never been and I’m certainly not going to change now.”

Coleen is doing the washing up as Julie shares a few concerns. “We can’t have all fellas still in, we’ve gotta have some girl power,” Julie tells her. She mentions how bad it is that five female housemates have been evicted, “I don’t get it,” she muses. Coleen reminds her that for the last two evictions, “It’s only been girls that have been up,” hence the result.

In the bedroom, Ashley wants a quiet word with Prince Lorenzo. He whispers to him and reveals that Julie was trying to influence Harvey last night by hinting that he should nominate Lorenzo. “I promise you, she’ll get in trouble today,” Ashley predicts adding: “I told you brother, big bad knife.” In the garden, Julie tells Coleen that they are “outnumbered,” and Coleen seems indifferent. Julie continues: “I see the good in everybody, that’s what makes it (nominating) so hard for me, cos I genuinely like them, Julian, Martin, Harvey,” she lists as Coleen interrupts saying, “Julian’s been amazing with you.” “I think there’s a gay man’s brain in here,” Julie retorts while tapping her head the remarks: “I get all the camp innuendos.” They laugh and Coleen reassures her, “You’ll look back and go what a challenge what an experience, I’ve hated it and loved it all at the same time.”

Earlier today, Prince Lorenzo discovered that Julie was planning to nominate him and reveals all to Martin. “She went to Harvey and said, ‘Let’s get him,’” Lorenzo starts. “Tactical voting, it’s wrong, you’re not allowed to influence people’s votes,” Martin grins. “To me, she’s a game player, I don’t attack till I’ve been attacked, and I’ve been attacked. I wonder if you can guess who I’m after?” he laughs. “Don’t say any more than that or you’ll get into trouble,” Martin warns as they laugh about Julie’s actions. Lorenzo adds: “I don’t care how sweet she is, underneath that sweetness there’s a bitter taste.”

The Situation joins the conversation and comments: “She’s been an actress her whole life, right?” “Mrs. Goodyear, playing the game,” Martin quips as Lorenzo brands her a “smart woman.”

Julie is in the hot tub and Ashley calls to her asking: “Have you go leopard print in your house?” Julie raises her eyebrows adding: “It’s like a lair,” and Harvey laughs hard then shouts: “I bet your room is like a bloody sexier than sexy leopard print.”

The Situation tells Martin and Lorenzo that Julie will be “going hard” at Lorenzo and Coleen, but Lorenzo is unsure why she has targeted Coleen. The Situation thinks that the game rules might suggest that if one woman is left, “Then she has to stay” for the final. Martin disputes this while Lorenzo adds: “I think she just wants to be the last female standing in the house, to her that’s a win.” The Situation and Prince Lorenzo attempt to suggest who to nominate but Martin quickly reminds them, “You can’t pick anyone out.” Lorenzo says that he isn’t while giving a sly grin towards The Situation.

Julian, Coleen and Julie are talking about missing home. Coleen says that she wants to send a message via the diary room to her daughter, who is soon to start high school. Julie says although she’d like to speak with family, “On the other hand it could finish me off.” “I’ve never gone without speaking to my parents for this long,” reveals Julian and Julia admits that she has only been separated from her husband “once in 16 years.” “Really, that would finish me off,” exclaims Coleen.

Prince Lorenzo has come to the diary room and tells Big Brother that although Julie is “sweet,” she has come into the house to win. He adds: “I was slow picking it up,” and says that Julie is “attacking people for no reason.” He continues: “She was overheard doing these conspiracy theories on me, playing a very, very good game. I’m doing my best to make sure she goes before I do.” Lorenzo tells Big Brother that he does feel bad as he wants to be the “bigger, better, person.”

Coleen and Julian are in the garden while Julie heads inside to get changed. “I’m never gonna have that conversation,” Coleen tells him adding: “It doesn’t really matter, if she was horrible to my face, I’d fight back but I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable.” She tells Julian that she doesn’t want to add to the bad feeling that Julie is already suffering following the boos that she received last night.

Housemates have been gathered on the sofas. Big Brother announces that there was a rule breaks last night and relays the conversation that Julie had with Harvey, when she hinted that they should nominate Prince Lorenzo. Julie looks shocked as her fellow housemates grin and stifle their laughter. Big Brother then relays a conversation that Ashley, Martin, Lorenzo and The Situation had. During their conversation Lorenzo said, ‘I don’t care how sweet she is, underneath that sweetness there’s a bitter taste.’

Big Brother informs Julie that as a result, she will be punished; she cannot wear any of her leopard print clothing or accessories until further notice. “It’s all I’ve got,” she mouths adding: “I do feel terrible, I don’t even remember (saying) it.” “It is what it is,” Lorenzo reassures her. Julian remarks that the duo’s punishment might be to wear Julie’s confiscated items.

Big Brother calls Prince Lorenzo and The Situation to the diary room. They hand over Julie’s clothes but Big Brother informs them they must change into the outfit which has been left under the diary room chair. “I feel like I’m being unjustly punished,” The Situation moans as he feigns sadness. The boys must wear leopard print boxer shorts as provided until further notice.

Coleen, Harvey and The Situation are in the garden and Coleen is applying a mud treatment to Harvey. “It’s not easy to do while someone is gyrating,” quips Coleen. Prince Lorenzo and Julie are also in the garden, clearing the air. He tells her that he is normally “laid back” but only reacts if someone attacks him. He tells her that he still cares for her and apologises for the comment he made about her. “I was in shock, I was shaky, but I don’t even remember the comment,” Julie tells him adding “sweetness or something.” They share a hug and agree to put it all behind them.

For the last 18 days, housemates have had no contact with their loved ones, but Big Brother is about to change that. Big Brother calls one housemate to the diary room and Ashley quickly obliges. In the diary room, Ashley is faced with a very difficult decision – he must choose which of his housemates receive their letter from home and which housemate’s have their letters destroyed.

There is a mail sack on one side of the diary room chair containing housemates’ letters. On the other side is a small barrel of ‘acid.’ Ashley must pick two letters out of the mail sack at random. He must then destroy one by putting it into the acid and keep one that will be delivered to the house. Ashley is unaware that housemates are watching via the TV in the living room. “Poor boy, he can do mine,” Coleen remarks as housemates worry about Ashley’s dilemmas.

He decides to destroy Julie’s letter and save Harvey’s: “What Julie did was not good,” Ashley muses as Julie watches the screen. He destroys his own letter from home and decides to save Julian’s. “I know he’s struggling but I think as a father he can hold out for another week,” claims Ashley as he decides to destroy Martin’s letter and save Coleen’s. He saves The Situation’s letter over Lorenzo’s and prepares to leave the diary room. In the living area, Coleen suggests that they give Ashley a round of applause when he returns to the house “cos that was bloody hard.” Ashley is clearly moved by the reception and hugs Harvey before rushing off to the bedroom in tears.

Big Brother will deliver the saved letters later this evening.

In the garden Julie comments: “God, I wanted that letter,” but says that she understands why Ashley made his decision. Martin and Julian are in the kitchen talking about the letters. Julian says that his mother will “write something funny” and that he may feel “obliged to cry.” Martin laughs and agrees with him adding: “If you must.”

Coleen is in the bedroom making sure that Ashley is alright. “It’s now less than a week, it’s not the end of the world,” she reassures him. Ashley says that he felt that Martin wasn’t pleased with him for destroying his letter. “Martin is a grown up with kids,” quips Coleen.

Half of the housemates will not receive their letters. The Situation, Harvey, Julian and Coleen were the lucky ones. The Situation chooses Harvey to read his letter from home and he is happy to hear that his mother and family are “proud” of him. Martin leans over and kisses his cheek; Coleen reads Harvey’s letter as he fights back his tears on hearing about his daughter; Julie reads out Julian’s letter from his mother who added the P.S.: “Isn’t it about time you changed your pyjamas. All of the housemates laugh. Julian reads Coleen’s letter from her husband who playful tells her that her family have left the washing up for her to do once she returns home, and tells her to ‘stop crying.’

Following the Acid Test task, Big Brother has thrown housemates a Big Brother Acid House party. Music plays into the house as housemates dance away wearing the luminous outfits that Big Brother has provided. “Is this what the 90s was about?” questions The Situation.

The Situation tells Harvey, “My people should talk to your people” and work out a plan to put on a show together.

Coleen and Julian are in the kitchen and she asks: “When did you first realise you were gay?” Julian tells her that he was nine years old when someone first called him gay but during his adolescence, “There was never really any reason to announce the fact.” “It’s good that you didn’t have the struggle to come out,” Martin tells him and Julian says is must be “horrendous” for some people. “To get to their 40s, and have to mess up people’s lives,” Julian adds and mentions people who may have been married the opposite sex or have children. “My parents sent a message via my sister saying it was alright if I was (gay).” Coleen admits to Julian: “I thought I really offended you” by asking the questions as Julian adds: “I can’t really remember, I lost my virginity first to a man then a girl soon after, it’s a bit of a grey area,” he adds.

With the party over, most of the housemates have gone to bed. Martin has come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about Julie. “I’ve had a shock today cos of the tactical voting.” He laughs adding: “Bet Lynch is the biggest game player, as blatant as trying to get other people to vote and nominate housemates.” He admits that he is glad that Julie has been rumbled.

Coleen and Harvey are in the garden. Coleen says that Julie claimed that she didn’t remember having the rule break conversation with Harvey, “but she’s been following me round all day mentioning that we’re the only two girls.” Harvey tells her that Julie would be lost if she didn’t have Julian to cling to and Coleen remarks that Julie should not deny being a “game player.” Harvey ends: “You’ve lived through a lot of storms but some people have got judgement day coming.”