Celebrity Big Brother: Day 22

Day 22 in the Celebrity Big Brother House…

The housemates are waking up, unaware that two of them will leave the Big Brother house later today. Julie, Prince Lorenzo and Martin face the public vote.

In the kitchen Lorenzo tells Julie that Big Brother woke them up too early. Julie says that they have a “heavy day” ahead of them and reveals that she could have done without the noise that some housemates made last night. “Very under-the-influence of alcohol, far too much,” she complains.

Last night, Harvey was the worse for wear; he bared his behind and rubbed his bum against several of his fellow housemates. Some of the housemates are in the kitchen. “I think Harvey had too many sweets last night,” quips Martin. “He was like some sort of tom-cat,” Julian remarks. Coleen emerges during the conversation and Martin tells her that he thought Harvey was “disrespectful” to her when he targeted her during his antics. “I put my head completely under the covers, I didn’t really see,” she adds. “Well I thought he crossed the line,” Martin ends and Julian, Julie and Lorenzo agree. “He was absolutely slaughtered,” Coleen comments, “That’s no excuse,” Martin affirms.

Harvey has just woken up. Some of the housemates are in the garden. The Situation tells Julian that they would love his “dry” sense of humour in America. Julian mentions that he has already performed stand-up in New York, “But they just sat there,” he says while mimicking a poker face. “New York is the hardest place to be happy,” states The Situation.

Lorenzo and Martin are working out in the gym. “I drank too much yesterday, I ate too much s**t,” moans Martin. In the bedroom, Julian asks Harvey how he’s feeling: “You did quite a lot of bottom work last night, I don’t know if you remember, slightly alarming.” Harvey giggles adding: “That’s normal Julian if you know me.” Julian warns: “You may have crossed a line,” but Harvey seems indifferent.

In the garden Coleen tells The Situation: “I can honestly say, no-ones impressed with Harvey this morning, bless him.” Harvey joins them and huffs: “I can’t wait to get away from these sensitive-a**ed people.” He relays what Julian told him and Coleen says that housemates may have discussed his antics over breakfast. She mentions that Martin had told that he felt Harvey needed to apologies to her, “I just thought it was funny,” she remarks. “Don’t worry about it, they’re just old and grumpy and p***ed off,” she assures him and Harvey says he is “ready” for any comments adding: “Just let them step up.”

Julian is giving Julie some pre-eviction advice. “It is a horrible day but I hesitate to tell you but it gets worse as the day goes on,” he smiles. “Lovely, thank you she quips adding: “I can always rely on you, for that lift.” “For telling you how it is,” he laughs and tells her to call on him “if you need any counselling over the next 12 hours.”

In the living area, Harvey needs to get something off his chest. He approaches Martin and tells him he classes him as a friend then mentions that he is aware that “people have been having a moan up about me.” Martin says that he had meant to talk to Harvey alone and looks toward Ashley who is sitting at the sofas. Harvey explains that he can “handle” his drink, “and I knows my boundaries,” so would only have mess about with Ashley and Coleen. Martin says that he thought Harvey, “Crossed the line from respect to disrespect against a woman, you did something that you would do with the boys at football.” Harvey disagrees and says that he doesn’t think he did. They shake on it and Harvey reiterates that he respects Martin. “There’s a line between showing someone you’re a**e and you’re a**ehole,” Martin stresses. Harvey says that there are a lot of “contradictions” in the house, “but as it’s coming from you,” he adds, and the two men hug once more and Martin reminds him, “we’re on the same page.”

After successfully completing this weeks shopping task, housemates have been awarded with £150 to spend on provisions for their final two days in the house. Harvey suggests they put cigarettes on the list first to “get it out of the way.” They order five but Julian suggest they put nine packets down.

Coleen says that they have enough food for one week as The Situation insists on adding smoke salmon slices. They complete the list and Harvey takes it to the diary room joking: “That’s one pack of fags.” Martin says that the cigarettes will be finished before the day is out.

In the diary room, Harvey jokes that he will leave the cigarettes off the list “to wind people up.” He adds: “I’ve never seen people get so moody over cigarettes.” He mentions that housemates want “cigarettes before food” and says that nicotine “controls their mental state.” He tells Big Brother that housemates would be “p***ed” if he fails to buy cigarettes, “But that would be good TV,” he smile. He removes the cigarettes and orders apple crumble in its place. “I wouldn’t even mind getting my suit dry cleaned,” he adds and tells Big Brother that is what he would like to do. “That’s what they get for moaning about my bum,” he digs.

Harvey is attempting to deliver his suit for dry cleaning in secret. He attempts to tell Lorenzo and The Situation and Coleen enters. Harvey quickly stashed the suit in the store room. When he emerges Coleen apologise “for going on about cigarettes,” but Harvey tells her not to worry. “My bums been the topic of the day,” but tells her that because it was Martin who he spoke with, he doesn’t feel too bad. Coleen leaves a short while later and Harvey reveals what he added to the shopping list as payback for housemates going on about his antics.

Harvey enters the garden and tells Martin and Ashley about his addition to the shopping list. The both laugh as Martin grins: “Ohhh, you’re in for it, you’re gonna be hung drawn and quartered man.” Harvey says that he will feign surprise, “I’ll be like, ‘I don’t know how that happened.’” Martin jokes that housemates will get a surprise when the shopping is delivered to the house later. “If I’m in the other room, wake me up, I wanna see that” he grins as Ashley and Harvey laugh harder.

Big Brother has called Julian and Harvey to the diary room to receive instructions on today’s task. Big Brother explains their nautical task and informs them that they will become captains of the high seas. Captain Julian with Ashley, The Situation and Julie will be one team and Captain Harvey, Prince Lorenzo, Coleen and Martin on the opposing team. Each team has 45 minutes to build a boat which they must sail across the high seas (do one lap of the pool) in the fastest time, to win the task. The winning team will have their hair done by a couple of top stylists.

The teams get to work in the garden and the Captains go head-to-head across the pool.

Julian’s winning team is having their hair groomed by a top stylist while Harvey’s shopping list indulgence is about to be revealed. Big Brother announces that the shopping has been delivered, “and Harvey’s dry cleaned suit.” “You absolute w****r!” Coleen remarks as Harvey laughs from the living area. “This better be a task Harvey,” she warns. Julian knocks the suit to the floor and says that Harvey’s shirt may have jam on it before taking it back into the store room. “Oh Julian, don’t even bother,” calls Harvey while heading towards the store room.
Julian comes out of the room and heads into the garden.

He tells Julie that he can’t believe that Harvey would pull a prank like that but Julie says that it is no surprise. “That’s what it’s like being a bro,” she quips. Julian is still finding it hard to believe and Harvey comes into the garden. He tells Julian that he has never asked for anything from the list. Julian reminds him that the list is communal so should be discusses but Harvey is adamant. “I’m sure you can survive for two days with 80 fags,” he stresses and says he pulled the prank in order to get “banter.” “I’m not going to fall out with you Jules and I’m sorry if I’ve upset you, but 80 fags is (sic) better than one pack.” “At least you’ve got a nice clean suit out,” quips Julian. Harvey heads back into the house and tells housemates, “It’s ok if you wanna sit there and talk about me, it don’t bother me.”

It’s time for Prince Lorenzo, Julie and Martin to get ready for tonight’s eviction. In the diary room Prince tells Big Brother that he likens the eviction to “that feeling of rejection, it hurts that I might get booed.” Julie says that she didn’t think she would still be in the house, “That to me is a fantastic achievement.” Martin says that he is “excited,” adding: “I’m resigned to the fact that it’s gonna happen one way or the other.”

Housemates are gathered on the sofas as host Brian announces that Prince Lorenzo will be the sixth housemate to be evicted from the house. Housemates applaud him as he leaves the house to cheers. “I hope I get a cheer,” muses Julie.

A short while later Brian announces that Julie will be the seventh housemate to leave the Big Brother house. She tells all her housemates that she loves them as Julian leads her to the exit. “Try not to swear,” he remarks. Later in the diary room Julian remarked, “Get it, got it, gone but not forgotten.”

Out in the smoking area, Julian is sat in Julie’s smoking seat. Coleen, Julian and Ashley discuss Julie’s dislike for Coleen and how they all don’t know the reasons why Julie didn’t like her. Martin is talking to Big Brother. He is pleased he is still in the house and he can carry on being himself. He says it feels great to be in the final and feels like he has accomplished it.

The six finalists have come in turn to the diary room, to talk to Big Brother. “To be sitting here, knowing that I’ve made it to the final is more than I could ever, ever, ever, have wished for and hoped for. Julian says that he didn’t think he would last “more than a few days,” and to get the final is “just marvellous.” Ashley says that most housemates had no idea who he was when he first entered the house. “I’ve just been myself and hopefully people will like me for me.” The Situation says it was one of his “goals” to make it through to the final and will come out with a smile on his face. Martin tells Big Brother that he has been a “fan” of the show “forever.” He adds: “if I went away and never experienced what the final would be like I’d regret that, so I’m really pleased I’m here.” Finally, Harvey says that as he is now in the final, “You can take me in no particular order,” he adds: “As The Situation would say, ABG, always be grateful.”

Coleen admits “I’ve never won anything or got to a final, on my own. Here I am at 47 in the final of Big Brother and some people might say ‘so,’ but for me it’s a massive achievement.”

“Of course I would like to win,” admits Julian adding: “But I think one of the young, frisky people would just love it.

“I’m already happy just being in the final so I’ve already got the cream cake, I’m happy with that. But if you crown me the winner, and put a cherry on top, that’s too much, that’s a very rich cake,” Harvey muses.

The Situation tells Big Brother: “Winning would mean the world to me but making the finals is dream come true.”