Are Dior upset with Mila Kunis’ weight gain?

A report has claimed that Dior are upset with Mila Kunis for putting weight on.

“It’s not the image Dior wants to send,” an insider told Star magazine.

“When they signed Mila, she was a total waif; they didn’t worry about making her agree to a weight limit in the contract. They’re really regretting that now.

“The company paid her a fortune and is very frustrated with how she looks.

“The marketing people have even offered to supply a wardrobe for her.

“Ashton [Kutcher] has been with tons of models, and that’s the body type he likes. He had been dropping subtle hints, but she wasn’t getting it, so he just told her flat-out that she’s too fat. They had a huge battle and Mila told him to leave if he has a problem with her weight.”