Strictly foot Pain? Put your best foot forward with Carnation Footcare

Photo: James Genchi / Flecking Records

Brucey has dusted off his dancing shoes, fake tan and false eyelashes have been ordered by the truckload and dance classes up and down the country are bursting at their sequinned seams with a new influx of dancing fans. With the show’s rehearsals now in full swing, the nation is primed and ready for Strictly fever to hit once again.

Stars Denise Van Outen and Kimberley Walsh are loving their new roles as dancing divas in training, but it seems their string of foot woes has been holding them back in rehearsals.

Denise Van Outen has been forced to rehearse barefoot due to extreme blister pain. Denise says on her blog: “I feel that I’m at a disadvantage this week as my feet are so badly blistered due to dancing in heels, that I can’t even get my shoes on and I’m having to practice barefoot until they heal.” Denise had to don extra high heels in order to dance with her partner, the lovely but very tall James Jordan.

Kimberly Walsh tweeted of her painful feet woes earlier in the week, declaring “OK so now my feet are really sore #scd.” And it seems Olympic gold medalist, Victoria Pendelton’s feet aren’t safe either. Victoria Tweeted from rehearsals yesterday with her professional dance partner Brendan Cole, Victoria admitted: “Day 2 feet are so sore!”

With so many tootsie troubles this early on in the competition, Carnation Footcare feel it’s their duty to protect the nation’s feet.

Get bunion to beautiful with these top feet treats….

A luxurious Exfoliating Foot Scrub with apricot seed and walnut shell, perfect for keeping toes in tip top condition ready for their ballroom debut.
Why we love it: We noticed a huge difference after using this product just once – that’s real toe-gress – and it smells delicious.

A Cool Foot spray for on the go refreshment. A sneaky spray will help keep feet dry and comfortable throughout the sweatiest of swing and jive sessions.
Why we love it: We usually associate foot sprays with that harsh bowling alley pong, but this one smells so feminine and it works too.

Tip Toes invisible gel cushions, helping to keep your perfectly polished toes looking dance-tastic at all times.
Why we love it: A little cushion for the pushin’ – super-comfy, and perfect for those pretty shoes that are a real ball-ache.

An Anti-Blister Stick, whip this in your training bag and ensure blisters don’t ruin your salsa night or dance class. This clever little device creates a light non-greasy layer on the skin, which eliminates the friction that causes blisters.
Why we love it: Where have you been all our lives? Made a real difference when wearing that beautiful pair of shoes that weren’t really designed with walking in mind.

Pedi Roller, use at the end of any dance-off to help banish the achey feet blues. 5 minutes using the Pedi Roller will help ease heel and arch pain associated with prolonged standing and walking. The ridged design massages tired feet, reducing tension and stimulating circulation. Pedi Roller can also be used as a cold massage therapy by chilling or freezing before using.
Why we love it: The funny shape and the fact it’s too much fun to use aside, these simple exercises feel good and make a difference.

Carnation’s Hydro Blisters are small dressings which offer rapid blister pain relief and protect from dirt and bacteria. So there’s no reason to miss a dance class now!
Why we love it: Perfect if you forget to use your Anti-Blister Stick. It wasn’t hard to find a Flecker with blisters and these were great – and they stay on!

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