Liam Hemsworth encouraged Miley Cyrus to cut her hair?

A report has claimed that Liam Hemsworth was all for Miley Cyrus cutting her hair short.

When the singer/actress had her hair cropped, people assumed she was being a rebel – but it really is just a style thing.

“Miley talked about cutting her hair even shorter and Liam was fully behind her decision,” a source told RadarOnline.

“He loves that she’s become so daring with her looks and thinks Miley looks great with an edgier hairstyle.

“When Miley told him she was thinking of cutting it, Liam immediately told her to go for it. He thinks she’s got such a pretty face and that short hair makes her eyes look even more beautiful.

“She realizes that people will speculate that she is perhaps rebelling, or going mad, but she’s just a young girl trying something different.

“Miley’s not gone crazy, she’s just trying something new.”