Wowza! Check out Demi Lovato’s eyebrows!

Eye was browsing when I happened upon a photo of Demi Lovato sporting noticeably bigger brows.

The X Factor US judge was snapped with much thicker, darker eyebrows – what do the professionals have to say?

“While thick is always in, you can really see the color added into her shape, making them look inauthentic and a bit overdrawn,” says celebrity eyebrow stylist Joey Healy told

“The overall shape felt a little fat and stout, not long and elegant,” says Joey. “It’s always important to accentuate length over width, not the other way around.”

Demi didn’t get it all wrong though.

“She definitely gets big points for keeping the rest of her makeup relatively muted and letting the brows be the focal point. Good choice in terms of overall balance (ex. not doing a bold lip as well),” says Joey.

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