Does Kristen Stewart want a boob job?

A report has claimed that Kristen Stewart is considering cosmetic surgery.

According to the report on Showbizspy, Robert Pattinson has an eye for the big-boobed ladies, and this would be the Twilight actress’ way of keeping her man after she cheated on him earlier this year.

“Kristen is terrified that Rob is going to leave her for someone else,” an insider . “She has always been insecure about her boobs, and she is totally convinced Rob would find it a massive turn-on if she had even a subtle size increase.

“Whenever they’re out together, she’s always on high alert to see which girls seem to capture his attention, and they’re always girls with big boobs. She’s scared he may leave her for one of them. It’s an unhealthy obsession she can’t get out of her head.

“This is a girl whose makeup artist has to beg her to wear red lipstick and who prefers sneakers. But she’s desperate to hang on to Rob, and thinks a breast augmentation will do the trick.”