Celebrity Big Brother: Day 1


Day 1 in the Celebrity Big Brother house…


It’s Celebrity Big Brother, but this is Big Brother’s winter of discontent. One half of the house will live in luxury while the other half will be banished to the basement – but who will decide who goes where?

As the first two housemates to arrive, singer Rylan Clarke and jockey Frankie Detorri are directed to the diary room. Big Brother reveals that the pair must decide the fate of each new arrival. Model Paula Hamilton is first up as Frankie and Rylan watch via the screen in the diary room. “She used to go out with Simon Cowell,” Frankie remarks. “Everyone went out with Simon Cowell,” Ryan quips. Frankie adds: “We’re the lucky ones,” but Rylan warns, “I wouldn’t speak to soon Frank.” Actress Tricia Penrose joins Paula on the stage and the diary room pair deliberate. Rylan announces, “We know you’re watching, we’re both f**king sorry about this but Tricia seems like a right laugh.” They send Paula to the basement and Tricia into the house. Paula enters the basement and quips, “I wonder if there’s room service.”

Next to arrive is Neighbours actor Ryan Maloney who is swiftly sent to the basement to join Paula. “You’re an er, er, er?” she asks. “I’m an actor,” Ryan replies and Paula is apologetic. Realising her mistake she laughs, “I thought you were gonna get me out of here!” Ryan asks what Paula does and she remarks, “Mostly made a big idiot out of myself.”

Outside, actor Sam Robertson and glamour model Lacey Banghard are with host Brian. Rylan comments on Sam from the diary room, “Oooh Love Rat,” then announces that Lacey should enter the house and Sam should go to the basement. Next to arrive on stage are Steps singer Clare Richards and ex-footballer Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock. In the diary room Frankie mentions that Rylan is only choosing girls to enter the house. “It’s not a case of choosing girls Frank, I don’t want just want girls in there, trust me,” he retorts. The pair needs to decide who they think has the biggest ego out of Clare and Razor. Rylan pleads, “One quick thing, I’m sure Neil’s a lovely guy but oh my God, that’s Clare from Steps.” Frankie goes with the decision to send Neil down and Clare up. Big Brother announces to the luxury house that the store room is open for them to collect their delicious canapés. “It’s too good to be true,” Gillian worries.

In the diary room Frankie and Rylan are about to make their final decision as US reality stars Spenser Pratt and Heidi Montag are revealed. They can either send the pair to the basement or take the last two places themselves. “I’m gonna row with him,” worries Rylan. “I’m not being funny but you have the LA sunshine and I come from Essex,” he adds before sending them down.

On entering the basement Heidi comments says that the space is “nicer” than she thought. Rylan and Frankie rush into the Big Brother house and greet their fellow housemates. “I hate to be rude Big Brother but open the toilet, me and Frankie are gonna p**s ourselves,” Rylan worries. Big Brother calls all housemates to the sofa while the basement dwellers are also gathered. Big Brother reveals that those in the basement will have no food or drink and will have to scavenge for everything they receive.


Rylan is talking to his fellow housemates about the basement dwellers, and in particular, Spenser and Heidi. “She seemed half decent, but Spenser made that weirdo comment,” he adds. The basement group waste no time getting acquainted. Razor mentions his football career and Heidi mentions that Spenser loves the game. Paula tells them that she is a model and actor and mentions her earlier faux pas with Ryan, “I though her was here to help me, I was the first one down here, it was not a nice feeling,” she adds.


Razor and his fellow basement dwellers are wondering how they will survive down there and tells mentions that he hasn’t’ eaten. “I’ve watched the show before and they always have food so I saved myself,” he admits. In the luxury kitchen, Frankie discusses Big Brother’s cruel plan. Lacey hugs him adding, “I love you already, I’m so glad you kept me in.” “It’s a no-brainer, eye candy,” Frankie jokes.


In the main house, housemates are gathered at the dining table as Big Brother announces that the garden is now open. They head out and peek though the bedroom windows. Upstairs Rylan tells his fellow housemates that potential housemates “always give it the biggun,” in their VTs, “Then s**t themselves,” when they enter the house he adds. The basement dwellers now enter the garden but are enclosed behind a mesh fence. “Detorri!” shouts Razor as Rylan apologies for sending him downstairs. Spenser and Heidi remain in the basement while the others get acquainted. Heidi says that it would be worse to have to see how lovely the garden is while they are stuck in their enclosure. “This is bollocks!” jokes Spenser adopting an English accent. “It’s really doing my head in mate,” Heidi adds. In the garden, Frankie asks the basement group why Spenser and Heidi didn’t come out and tells Sam to go and get them. Downstairs Spenser tells Sam that he will stay put, “I’m done with them, they on the cut list.”


In the garden, Sam and Lacey are getting to know each other from their respective sides of the fence. She mentions the ‘technically single’ comment that was made about him in his VT and he assures her that he is single. Sam asks Lacey about her surname of Banghard and thinks she has made it up. “I’m not intelligent enough to think that up,” she giggles. Down in the basement, Big Brother calls Spenser and Heidi to the diary room. Big Brother asks them how their visit to the UK has been so far. “We’re having a blast,” Spenser grins. “Our basement is the best, everyone is down to earth,” adds Heidi. “The decision by singer boy and jockey man was not a good decision; they should have sacrificed themselves as team players. I wouldn’t have put myself above others, it’s inconsiderate, selfish,” he rants. The couple decides that they will not talk to anyone outside of their basement group.


The basement housemates are about to realise that their living conditions are worse than they thought as they read the rules. Paula explains that if want a wash they must use stand on the wooden slats and use the cold water provided.

Upstairs Rylan tells housemates that he went to his 13th birthday party dressed as H from Steps. Clare laughs as Rylan relays the story. “My friend went as Lee and I wore blue tinted glasses that I got from Live ‘n’ Kicking magazine.”


Big Brother is yet to open the doors to the bedroom. The basement dwellers are getting hungry. Big Brother announces that those in the basement will not be given any food. Shortly after the announcement food scraps pour into the basement via a chute. “We won’t eat tonight,” Heidi remarks as Spenser adds: “I only came on the show to lose weight.”


The basement dwellers are bonding and decide it will be “us verses them,” situation. Upstairs, housemates enter the luxury igloo filled as Rylan announces “This will be the drink and sex room.”


Ryan is behind the basement enclosure in the garden talking to Frankie, Rylan and Clare. He tells them that his group won’t have access to their own clothes and the others seem shocked. “We have to wash over a grate with a bucket,” he adds.


In the garden Lacey is in the hot tub as Clare and Tricia sit and talk with her. “I didn’t expect everyone to be so nice,” Lacey confesses. “Wait till the morning,” Clare quips. Razor is in the basement diary room and tells Big Brother that he has slept in worse places than the basement and worries that his snoring “might drive people mental.” He mentions that his first impression is that two of his group is “playing a game.” Big Brother asks him to name the people but Razor is reluctant adding: “One lady and one man.” He continues, “It’s a bit strange that they would prefer to be locked in the room than get some fresh air, this is a game. I’ve seen the show before, I don’t trust you lot,” he smiles.


Big Brother announces that the luxury bedroom is open. “I’m the smallest guy so I bagsie this bed,” Frankie announces.


Clare and Lacey are tidying up the kitchen. Rylan is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about his fellow housemates. He is asked to sum up the experience so far in three words. “Right, old, laugh,” he smiles adding “What, a night.” He mentions that it was “odd” for Spenser and Heidi not to come into the garden. “They’ve done enough reality shows, if they’ve got the hump f**k ‘em, I can’t stand fake people, if you’ve got a problem say it, it could be a bit of drams (sic).”

The lights are out in the basement and Paula is feeling unwell, she explains that she has a pain running down the left side of her body. Ryan goes to her aid and soon after, Big Brother calls on the basement phone. Big Brother informs Ryan that a doctor will arrive shortly to see to Paula. In the diary room, Paula is informed that for the good of her health it would be better for her to join the housemates in the main house.