Celebrity Big Brother: Day 10

speidi on bed
Day 10 in the Celebrity Big Brother house…

After last night’s arguments, Heidi and Spencer slept in the basement. In bed, Spencer asks Heidi, “I wonder if they know we’re down here?”

The rest of the housemates have woken up in a reflective mood. Tricia tells Ryan, “Last night feels like a bad dream.” Frankie remarks, “I don’t know who’s acting and who’s real!” Tricia replies, “That was real last night, you couldn’t have acted that out, that would have been an Oscar winning performance!”

Tricia, Gillian and Claire are in the bedroom talking about where Heidi and Spencer slept last night. Tricia says, “They aren’t in the igloo, they must have gone back down there (basement). There was a lot of hatred last night.”

Razor goes to the diary room to talk about his behavior last night. “I just want to reassure Big Brother I accept the warning. Maybe I was over aggressive; I accept I was over the top. They will be no repercussions from me.” He continues, “I think people would have expected me to step in and sort it out. I just went over the top and I’m glad I defused it.”

Heidi and Spencer have gone back to sleep.

Gillian and Tricia are getting changed in the toilet. “I just feel so bad for Claire and Rylan,” tells Tricia. Gillian agrees, “We all joined in laughing and joking and they took the flack for it.” Gillian continues, “Americans never win this show, so perhaps they are hoping to win it.” Tricia agrees.

Claire is in the diary room talking to Big Brother. “I’m not feeling great; I have cried a few tears. I am annoyed at myself for crying for one, and talking about people. It wasn’t meant in a malicious way, loose lips you just say things. I would never internationally hurt someone’s feelings.” The tearful singer continues, “They singled me out so I must have said something worse than the rest of them…I can’t believe Rylan is the least entertaining for a second, maybe I am! Maybe I’m upset cos I’m dull.”

Frankie, Lacey, Razor and Rylan are on the sofas. Rylan remarks, “I’ve woke up with the hump.” They wonder where Heidi and Spencer slept last night. Razor tells Rylan not to worry. He replies, “I’m just nervous about my outburst. The other part of me says ‘bollocks, that’s how I react’. I’m frightened about the boos outside.” Razor tells him he has showed his true colours, and not to worry about anyone else thinks of him.

Spencer is telling Heidi about his dreams. “I had so many dreams about just watching them on the screen.” He continues, “I never thought I would need to chill you out, you were awesome last night. When we go into together we are twice as crazy.”

Claire, Tricia and Gillian are talking in the gym. They ask if Claire is feeling any better and she replies ‘not really’. Claire says, “I’m sure I never said anything nasty. It was just observations, like the kissing thing, I just noticed it. I can’t remember anything else.” The two actresses agree. Claire wonders if she should do some exercise. Tricia says she should as she would feel better. Claire continues to stand there.

Razor and Rylan are in the smoking area. Razor is speculating about where Heidi and Spencer have gone, “Do you think they’ve gone or what? Where are they?” Rylan believes they haven’t gone anywhere. He adds, “I wonder what Big Brother has up its sleeve today?! That was brilliant last night. It was a fantastic the twist. It was like something from Dallas or Dynasty!” Rylan continues, “I’ve got to get outside out of my head. It’s a shame I’m up against Claire, I love her. It’s Claire from Steps Raz…” Razor replies, “I know, I understand. It would be like, me and Lee Ryan from Blue.” The singer adds, “God forbid!”

Heidi and Spencer are talking about last night’s argument with Razor. “I wasn’t hearing anything unless it was coming out of Wild Man’s mouth, like Oh my god. He almost went physical; I don’t think he realized how close he came.” Spencer continues, “I am Toad Man can keep his cool. I would have thought he might have gone crazier before Razor did.” Heidi agrees.

Claire and Rylan discuss if they will be able to nominate and are both ‘gutted’ they are up against each other. Claire says it’s a ‘no win situation’. Rylan remarks, “They talked to me as in they were coaching me in reality TV.” Claire adds, “They’ve been playing the game since they walked in. I’m annoyed at myself.” Rylan wishes he can see what they have seen.

Spencer and Heidi are discussing the housemates. Heidi comments, “They are either going to be angrier secretly today or calmer.” Spencer thinks Claire was planning on winning the show. “Heidi and I need to win this show please! They think we are watching them again now.”

The couple reenters the house, “Good morning mates!” Rylan calmly says good morning, and Lacey and Razor start talking to the couple in the living area. Razor says, “I thought you were in again listening!” They laugh. Frankie says, “They (Big Brother) played us brilliantly didn’t they?” Spencer replies, “I never saw that coming.” The couple remark that they are ‘going to win’.

Rylan, Claire, Tricia and Gillian are in the bathroom. Rylan comments, “I wonder what today holds? They’ve just come back. I feel like I said what I needed to say last night to be fair but I don’t think I was getting anywhere with it. Maybe I’ll try again.” Razor joins the group and tells them, “It’s all peace now. They (Heidi and Spencer) said and ‘that’s right cos we are going to win this’ I thought they ain’t!” The housemates are shocked that they said this. Rylan says, “You know what – I hope they do!”

Claire and Rylan are in the bedroom talking about Heidi and Spencer. Claire thinks, “I’m not really quite sure how to deal with it…” Rylan adds, “I don’t know what I want to say to them. I want to talk through everything that’s been said but I don’t want everyone else to think I’m starting a row.”

Claire adds, “I don’t know whether to say something or act like nothing happens.” Rylan says he wants to know what the problem is.

Heidi and Spencer are in the diary room. Spencer comments, “Everyone is walking on egg shells. Claire hasn’t even come out of the bedroom all day to face us, you are an adult mum, it’s a TV show game; there is no record contract we took from you! Don’t hate on us that we nominated you, you nominated us – what did we do different?” Heidi adds, “I don’t even understand these people, it doesn’t affect us if you are pouting in the bedroom all day long.”

Spencer continues, “She is proving our dullest statement, he is too. He thinks this is Rylan Big Brother not Celebrity Big Brother. We didn’t fly over from America to be his extras. It’s definitely Team Speidi vs. Team House and we are fine with that, we are used to being the underdogs.” The couple wants to win.

Heidi and Spencer leave the diary room and walk past Claire in the kitchen. Spencer and Claire say good morning to each other and ask how they slept. Claire says ‘so so’ and Spencer agrees.

Frankie, Rylan and Razor are in the smoking area. Rylan says, “I need to have some fun today!” Frankie replies, “The toilet is over there!” The trio laughs and discusses waking up in the mornings with an erection.

Lacey and Heidi are in the bathroom. Heidi comments, “I am sorry for any negative comments.” Lacey replies, “I’m sorry again. I’ve opened my eyes a little bit now, it was all a task. Take the task out and we were all getting on really well. I think some people are being weird about things; they need to apologise and be adult about it.” Heidi adds, “I’m super impressed with your attitude. I really do like you. We’re good.” Lacey agrees and thanks her.

Heidi and Spencer are exercising in the garden.

Ryan and Lacey are in the bathroom. The model comments, “It’s very interesting now cos Rylan and Claire are up. Did you feel like there was a bit of a click there? Cos I said that but I don’t think they see it.” Ryan agrees, “Its all one very big group.” Lacey feels she is not part of it. Ryan tells her not to worry about it as ‘this is now shaken it up’. They both agree it’s going to be very interesting now. Lacey adds, “I really like Heidi and Spencer, am I sh*t at judging people?” Ryan says that the twist has made her feel like that. They both agree that things in the house are going to be totally different now. Ryan concludes, “Hold on to your hats.”

Big Brother calls Lacey to the diary room for the Hair Raising Questions task where she is given a chance to win a banquet for the whole house by correctly answering some questions.

What she doesn’t know is that everyone else is watching from the sofas and that every time she gets a question wrong, Razor has to get his back waxed by Big Brother’s beautician. Big Brother asks her if she is feeling brainy. She quips, “I never feel brainy! Can I use Google?!”

The beautician enters the house, Razor jokes, “Alright treacle?!” The group laughs. Lacey gets started answering the questions.

Lacey answered six questions correctly and five questions incorrectly meaning that Razor had to endure five sessions of waxing. Big Brother announces that Lacey passed the task; rewarding the housemates with a banquet dinner. Lacey rejoins her housemates and the housemates cheer and congratulate her.

Rylan tells Razor, “It still doesn’t feel right. I feel like everyone feels like everything’s OK, but in my head it’s not right. We should be throwing sticks at them.” The men laugh.

Tricia, Lacey and Heidi are in the living area, Tricia asks Heidi, “Just remind me because I couldn’t hear why you nominated Rylan?” Heidi replies, “Cos he was fake and two faced – something like that.” Rylan and Razor join the group in the living area.

Rylan announces he’s hungry, Spencer calls out to Big Brother that the unanimous decision is a Chinese banquet meal. Tricia adds that she would like to watch The Hills. Rylan jokes, “It was a bit like The Hills last night.” Heidi laughs, “That was right out of The Hills! You would have been a girl yelling at me.”

Rylan adds, “I can’t wait to watch last night back. In a rage, I took a protein shake out of the fridge! I was like; I just got to do something! I expected to wake up this morning with a six pack.” The group laughs. Heidi says she’s really sorry if they hurt his (Rylan) feelings. Rylan replies that he was upset and thought that the twist was fantastic; he is genuinely sorry that the couple had to sit there and listen to the housemates talk. “I just hope you understand what was said in here, I know you are sensitive and I apologise, it was said more in a jokey way. I would ever be the person you thought I was. One thing I’m proud of is that I’ve never had a fight in my life.” Spencer replies, “You’re too good with the mouth, it’s like swords.”

Rylan quips, “I’m dreading watching it!” Heidi adds, “You should be proud. You just got 10 times more famous.” Spencer smirks, “100 times!” Rylan replies, “It’s not what I want to be famous for.”

The group says the couple will not be hated here. Razor remarks that ‘everyone loves a baddie’.

Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. Frankie asks Razor what weight was he when he played football. He replies, “15 stone…I’m about 20 now. I was always a lump.” Tricia asks Razor how old his other half is. Razor tells, “31! You’ll be surprised what a big fat fella can pull.”

Spencer and Heidi are in the basement discussing who will be their next nominations target. Spencer says, “Razor and Frankie since they can handle that. I’m not ready for another freak out.”

Heidi adds, “I think the boos got Rylan so frazzled. I think our days are numbered; they would all be so much happier without us in the house.” Spencer agrees.

All the housemates sit down to enjoy their dinner. Spencer’s mind turns to conspiracy and remarks, “I do have a strong suspicion that there will be another nomination coming up and that Speidi will be nominated and finally we will be going home on Wednesday.” Claire replies, “I think that’s a long time to go.” Rylan says he doesn’t know what will happen. Spencer adds, “Who else will be joining Speidi that is the question then?”

After dinner, Heidi and Spencer return to the basement. Heidi remarks, “Every time I eat in that house I feel sick. I’m just done eating in that house.” Spencer replies, “I got that same feeling. If we hadn’t eaten that dinner with them it would have been so ‘F’ them to the max.” Heidi agrees. Spencer thinks, “Rylan hates us first, then Claire and Trish.” Heidi replies, “I dunno, I think Razor is up there.”

The rest of the housemates are lounging in the living area.

Heidi and Spencer are talking to Big Brother in the diary room. Spencer says that it was one of the most awkward days he has had in his life. Heidi thinks, “I don’t think we will feel comfortable in this house. It’s permanent damage; we will definitely not have friends in this house.”

Back in the basement, the couple agrees that is was a very hard and intense day in the house.

In the diary room, Razor thinks that Heidi and Spencer have ‘backed down a bit on their argument and the way they were last night’.

Rylan tells Big Brother, “I still don’t fully trust them (Heidi and Spencer), not nice being put up for nomination. It’s a shame I was put up against Claire, I absolutely love her – she’s one of my childhood idols.”

Razor continues to talk to Big Brother, “Rylan calls me daddy…I’d rather him call me daddy than Princess! He just thinks the world is against him but it’s not. I’m just trying to help him through this.”

The episode concludes with an upset Rylan in the smoking area.